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4 Team Roleplayers Trade - Getting the Wolves a PG - Mavs set up for the future




+2 players ($32.6m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $2.8M
  • Spencer Dinwiddie
    Spencer Dinwiddie
    PG, 6' 5", 0.44 LEBRON
    Shot Creator



  • Dorian Finney-Smith
    Dorian Finney-Smith
    PF, 6' 7", 0.26 LEBRON
    Stationary Shooter



  • draft-pick-player

    2025 - Round 2


+1  Wins

-10.83  MPG

-0.61  Off.

+1.90  Def.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

+1 player ($0),
Cap Impact + $4.4M
  • JaVale McGee
    JaVale McGee
    C, 1.43 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big




+3  Wins

+15.84  MPG

-0.20  Off.

+1.64  Def.



+4 players ($35.5m),
Cap Impact - $1.5M
  • D'Angelo Russell
    D'Angelo Russell
    PG, 6' 4", 0.44 LEBRON
    Primary Ball Handler



  • Jaylen Nowell
    Jaylen Nowell
    SG, 6' 4", 0.2 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler



  • Jaden McDaniels
    Jaden McDaniels
    PF, 6' 9", -1.23 LEBRON
    Athletic Finisher



  • Jabari Walker
    Jabari Walker
    SF, 6' 9"




-4  Wins

-78.44  MPG

+0.81  Off.

-3.54  Def.

Hi all,

Haven’t seen any rumours like this but was talking to KingK about getting the Wolves a PG while listening to some Mavs talk, that spurned this trade.

Here’s why each team does it:

Mavs: Short term loss, long term gain, they move 2 of their best 4 players in DFS and Dinwiddie and get back an expiring in Russell but a real prize; Jalen McDaniels. We know the Wolves value McDaniels highly (they clearly paid over the odds to keep him in the Gobert trade) but I think the Wolves could be tempted to go all in considering how wide open the West is. Mavs do this trade because anyone can really play around Luka but Nowell and McDaniels could be great roster pieces for the next couple of years. I like the idea of a two man game between Nowell and Doncic, and McDaniels will eventually become good enough to replace DFS’s impact. Mainly this gives them a lot of picks in the off season and a tonne of cap space. Mavs could pursue stars or multiple roll players and challenge for the title next year if willing to take a step back this year.

Wolves: Minnesota upgrades the roster for this year in a wide open West and outs together one of the best starting 5’s in the league. Dinwiddie is a great compliment to the roster. He’s a solid floor general but more importantly a much better 3 point shooter (particularly C&S) than DLo, he’s got size and can guard perimeter guys in the playoffs and I see him fitting really cleanly next to the likes of Ant, Kat and Rudy. Finney-Smith completes the starting 5, he’s a dogged defender and a knock down 3 point shooter who can switch to guard 2-4 with ease. A better player than McDaniels at this moment in time, he improves the Wolves floor spacing and with Dinwiddie I see them improving on both sides of the floor. The only downside to this for the Wolves is the cap on the upside of the team in years going forward. McDaniels has a higher ceiling than DFS and Nowell is a loss but I don’t see him ever blossoming next to Edwards (there isn’t room for two head-down slashing 3 level scorers on 1 starting 5). This is one of the few ways the Wolves can significantly improve their starting 5 considering their lack of assets.

Blazers: Really simple, Blazers have a barebones front court at the moment and they take a flyer on McGee despite his age and contract, he needs to get out of Dallas and Blazers need a big, Jabari Walker hasn’t got significant minutes this year, might be decent long term but this improves them a lot this year.

Let me know what you think, I’m sure this’ll be contentious but I see the value in it for all parties.