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Ignore trade/ Extensions coming in/writing about that & the Ayton situation & the Sexton




No Incoming Assets,
Cap Impact - $39.3M

No incoming assets

-10  Wins

-33.00  MPG

-3.59  Off.

-1.98  Def.



+1 player ($39.3m),
Cap Impact + $39.3M
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    PG, 6' 11", 5.57 LEBRON




+10  Wins

+33.00  MPG

+3.59  Off.

+1.98  Def.

So, just some news about the contracts coming in, so, I decided to write about it & my feelings about it.

Ayton too much ego?

Ayton wanted the same amount of money guys such as Trae Young, or SGA. Lathopugh he is great, he just might not be worth it, and the Suns agreed. He wants that 5/172 and the Suns weren't willing to give him FIVE years. Ayton seems unhappy that the Suns didn't view him as a max player.

2: JJJ HUMUNGEOUS extension

So, I don't understand that extension. So, JJJ had a down-year. Forget about this year, lets say JJJ get 19 points, just 1 point above his 2nd year average. No questions, makes sense, he improved, he can defend, scored better, he is worth it. However, he had a down year, under 15 points, under 30 percent from 3. So then, to get THAT extensions, like are they worried about injuries? Heard about career ending injuries, what they can do? Players that were significantly worse because of them, never returned to normal? Honestly, I don't undertsand that deal for the Grizzlies. Because if that happens, now, JJJ has a dreadful contract and forget about contract flexibility. Now lets say JJJ then plays phenomenal, gets 23 points per game, makes the all star team, get a 50/40/90, gets all NBA defense votes, well, you give JJJ his 4 year max, ok, you paid more, but it'd be worse off if he showed that he was only worth like 15 million dollars and now you ave no financial flexibility used up a max on someone worth half of it and now it's the new Kemba Walker situation or the Al Horford situation.

3: PHX get Mikal ON A FOUR YEAR DEAL!!!

Mikal Bridges got a 4/90 million dollar deal! This is great for both sides. For the Suns, Mikal was important. He helped guard the clippers stars, and players like Middleton, and other great players and has had success. He is a top 3 & D player so important to them, and this is a great contract for both sides. The Suns kelp an important player, Mikal gets a LOT of money so great win-win for each side.

4: MPJ's MASSIVE overpay

I'm sorry, but 5 years max. At least the 5th year is partially guaranteed, but like, thats crazy. He's a shooter, what's so different between him and Mikal?

5: The TIMELORD'S new extension

So, I had a guess that Brad didn't like him, but, it seems like I may have been wrong which I like! He got extended to a reasonable contract, based off of injuries, his potential and his level of play. I like him a lot, and I like this new contract for both sides. Robert Williams seems happy, and it seems like he could be a good piece for long-term.

The overpays: Kevin Huerter, Tre Mann, Terry Rozier, Landrry Shamet.

So, Huerter got 16 million a year! Thats waaaaaaya much for him, he ain't worth it. I like Huerter, saw his big games, but he is average at best defensively and hasn't improved. He is worth 13 at the absolute most but I'd say more like 10. Is Cam gone? Collins, Trae, Hunter, Huerter? Hunter could get max, Trae and Collins do, thats 3 max with Huerter as 16 a year, do they have money for Cam Reddish's like 10 million +?

Mann got 11 million a year. Yeah, he's a nice defender but IMO thats a bit much.

So, looking at these, I think that maybe new deals, or whatever, players are getting more money. You look at role players, there getting 10 + million dollars. Players getting new, bigger maxes. Players that are very good role players getting 20 + million dollars, there just getting more and more.