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Why Both Teams Should do This (Please Read Description)




+1 player ($34.9m),
Cap Impact + $1.9M
  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving
    PG, 6' 2", 2.14 LEBRON
    Shot Creator




-5  Wins

+5.26  MPG

+2.50  Off.

-2.54  Def.



+1 player ($33.0m),
Cap Impact - $1.9M
  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons
    PG, 6' 11", 2.17 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big




+6  Wins

-5.26  MPG

-2.50  Off.

+2.54  Def.

Nets - Nets are ranked 14th in defense and as the old saying goes, defense wins championships, 14th isn’t bad but it does need to improve. Ben Simmons is a top 10/ top 5 defender in the league (depending on you’re opinion) and can guard the opposing teams No. 1 guy every night (with the exception of Embiid). He’s an elite playmaker and can play a role where he doesn’t take a huge amount if shots away from KD and Harden. Kyrie can’t play home games for them and could very well cause some sort of problem in the locker room in the future. Yes he’s the better player overall but for this team right now, Ben is more useful.

Philly - Yes the reports say they’re happy to wait until the offseason to trade Simmons but is that really the best course of action? I think most Philly fans will agree that no matter how good Embiid is this current roster ain’t winning a championship. Kyrie is, despite all the controversy, a superstar level player. He can shoot, playmake ha s the best handles in the league (arguably ever) and though he isn’t the best defensively he’s not awful and Tisse can more than make up for him on that side of the ball. This even makes Morey happy as he gets his star player and does have to overpay.

If you read all that thanks.