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Eric Gordon To Miami Simply Makes Too Much Sense




+2 players ($16.9m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $913K
  • Duncan Robinson
    Duncan Robinson
    SG, 6' 7", -0.27 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter



  • Haywood Highsmith
    Haywood Highsmith
    SF, 6' 7", -1.8 LEBRON
    Stretch Big



  • draft-pick-player

    2023 - Round 1

    Top 10 Protected

+3  Wins

+5.14  MPG

-0.87  Off.

+0.78  Def.



+1 player ($19.6m),
Cap Impact + $913K
  • Eric Gordon
    Eric Gordon
    SG, 6' 3", -1.98 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler




-2  Wins

-5.14  MPG

+0.87  Off.

-0.78  Def.

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Comment Opinions Please. Is This Fair?

Trade Breakdown

MIA: Eric Gordon

HOU: Duncan Robinson, Haywood Highsmith, & 2023 Top 10 Protected 1st


Why Miami Does This?

Main reason, future cap flexibility. Eric Gordon’s $20M next season is non-guaranteed, which means he’s basically an expiring contract. The Heat will need money off the books during the 2023 offseason in order to resign Tyler Herro long term & other guys like Gabe Vincent & Max Strus. Yes, it comes at the price of a 1st, but that’s absolutely necessary when you’re swapping a 4 year contract with an expiring one.

In the meantime, Eric Gordon is a better player than Duncan & can give Miami super valuable minutes as either a starter at the SF position or a 6th man. He shot a career high from deep last season at 41.2%. The Heat can definitely use that type of 3pt shooting if they’re letting go of Duncan in a trade. EG also has a good amount of playoff experience & can certainly help Miami out in the postseason as a vocal leader.

Other Roster Moves

  • Sign Eric Bledsoe

  • Resign Markieff Morris

  • Sign Nemanja Bjelica

Heat Ideal Starting Lineup:

Lowry, Herro, Gordon, Butler, & Adebayo

Backup Five:

Vincent, Oladipo, Martin, Strus, & Dedmon

Rest Of Bench:

Bledsoe, Jovic, Morris, Bjelica, & Yurtseven


Why Houston Does This?

In order to attain the 1st round pick they desire for Eric Gordon. Most people, including myself, don’t believe Eric Gordon is worth a first individually for his talent. But if Houston is taking on a bad contract in return, then yes a first sounds fair in that regard, especially since it’ll be in the deep 2023 draft class.

Now I definitely understand why Houston fans may not like this. Duncan Robinson is a on bad contract over the next four years. But if you take a closer look at it, the only player Houston needs pay in the next couple of seasons is Kevin Porter Jr. And luckily, the Rockets will have over $20M in expiring contracts to allow themselves to sign KPJ long term & still stay under the luxury line. Then after three seasons, Duncan will be an expiring contract & much easier to trade, just in time for Jalen Green & Alperen Sengun to receive their new long term deals. For the time being, Robinson can be a nice player off the bench with his excellent 3pt shooting & non-stop ball movement.

Other Roster Moves

  • Waive Trey Burke

  • Waive Haywood Highsmith

  • Waive Sterling Brown

  • Waive Marquese Chriss

  • Waive Boban Marjanovic

Rockets Ideal Starting Lineup:

Porter Jr, Green, Eason, Smith Jr, & Sengun

Backup Five:

Washington Jr, Christopher, Robinson, Tate, & Garuba

Rest Of Bench:

Nix, Matthews, Martin Jr, Nwaba, & Fernando



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