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IGNORE TRADE top 25/100 players in the NBA! Please share your thoughts and comment, THIS IS FOR THIS PAST SEASON




+1 pick,
Cap Impact - $3.8M
  • draft-pick-player

    2021 - Round 1


+ 0  Wins

-15.72  MPG

+2.70  Off.

+0.17  Def.



+1 player ($3.8m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $3.8M
  • Romeo Langford


    Romeo Langford
    SG, 6' 4", -2.87 LEBRON
    Team Option, Athletic Finisher



  • draft-pick-player

    2021 - Round 2


+ 0  Wins

+15.72  MPG

-2.70  Off.

-0.17  Def.

Once again IGNORE THE TRADE. Please share what you think!

1: Nikola Jokic Jokic is a dominant modern big man who is a nightmare to face on the offensive side, who can do a bit of everything minus defense.

2: Giannis Antetakoumpo

Giannis basically carried the Bucks to the finals, and had a couple key games. Game 7 against the Bucks was a extremely efficient 40 point game, then in game 3 against the Suns he got over 40 points! Apart for the playoffs, he had a excellent regular season being a top defender who can rebound, pass and score, and was excellent yet again for the Bucks.

3: Joel Embiiid

Embiid is a great 2-way big who is also a nightmare to play against. Embiid averaged over 28 points per game while shooting 37.7 precent from 3. If he can get a 40 percent from 3 and work on his passing which is pretty good for a big man, then he will be an even bigger nightmare.

4: Kawhi Leonard

Leonard is another great 2-way player, and had 2 40 point performances in the playoffs. He had a huge impact on the team’s performance.

5: Lebron James: I don't think an explanation is needed, i don't see who is better than Lebron for the 5th spot

6: Luka Doncic: An excellent offensive player, adding a upgraded 3 point shot having his most efficient year scoring-wise.

7: James Harden: Harden basically changed his game from a ball-hog to a great passer and really helped the Nets.

8: Damian Lillard: Putting Dame over Curry is definitely going to be contraversial, but at the end, Dame’s team went to the playoffs, Curry’s didnt which is why i have him ahead of Curry.

9: Steph Curry: Curry had a even better season, despite him getting older, and averaged over 30 points and 5 assist and rebounds which is phenomenal.

10: KD: KD is a underrated defender and can SHOOT and score from all 3 levels. The only reason why he isnt higher is because of injuries.

11: Julias Randle: Arguably a little high, be regardless, hr carried NYK to a the playoffs, therefore he is a top 15 player.

12: ZIon: Zion was DOMINANT this season, averaging 27 points and shot over 60 percent. He had an excellent rookie season, but with playing not many games, the question would be if he could keep it up, which he was able to do even better!

13: Jimmy Butler: Buler was a phenomenal all-around player and has been carrying the Heat.

14: Rudy Gobert: GObert was one of the more underrated players, carrying a about average Jazz defense (without him) to a top defense. He deserves credit for his amazing defense.

15: CP3: One of the more underrated players, really, really affected the game and is the reason why the Suns are in the finals.

16: AD: One of the best defenders, scorers and rebounds. He had a slight down-year but regardless was great, I think that next year is a bounce back year!

17: Paul George: An excellent shooter who is a great scorer, had a better year then last and can defend, easy top 20 decision.

18: Bam Adebayo: One of the msot underrated players in the league IMO. It will probably be a contriversial pick at the 18th best player, but he is a top 20 defender while being efficient and a 2nd scoring option, being an excellent all-around player.

19: Trae Young: Carried his team, and was amazing in the playoffs. Horrible defender, but his offense much more makes up for the poor defense.

20: Jayson Tatum: 2 way wing that can shoot the ball, helped the celtics make it to the playoffs.

21: Jaylen Brown: 2 way underrated wing who can score well from all 3 levels and defend. OFf ball defense isnt good, but great on ball defender.

22: Bradley Beal: Phenomenal scorer not a great defender, although good when he tries.

23: Kyrie Irving: Hate Kyrie, but his scoring is hard to say doesnt make him a top 25 player.

24: De’aarron Fox: Fox is a excellent offensive player, needs a 3 but got better and showed why he is earning max money.

25: KAT: Karl Anthony Towns is a excellent offensive center who can score efficiently from all 3 levels while being able to pass and rebound. Problem is the defense, but the offense is great.

Just started this, I'm going to get 100 players down soon, then edit my list. Please share your thoughts, this is the first version of this.