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Dallas adds Bojan Bogdanovich




+2 players ($16.0m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $451K
  • Davis Bertans
    Davis Bertans
    PF, 6' 10", -0.59 LEBRON
    Off Screen Shooter



  • Josh Green


    Josh Green
    SG, 6' 5", -1.73 LEBRON
    Team Option | Athletic Finisher



  • draft-pick-player

    2025 - Round 1

    Lottery Protected

-2  Wins

-0.98  MPG

-3.94  Off.

+1.38  Def.



+1 player ($19.6m),
Cap Impact + $451K
  • Bojan Bogdanovic
    Bojan Bogdanovic
    SF, 6' 7", 0.23 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




+2  Wins

+0.98  MPG

+3.94  Off.

-1.38  Def.

Dallas Mavericks

In this trade, Dallas is adding a good player in Bojan Bogdanovich to help fill the Jalen Brunson void. While the Mavericks could target Mike Conley in a trade with the Utah Jazz, I think Bojan makes more sense for them. He is going to give the Mavs another scoring option other than Luka and he is on an expiring contract, so the Mavs are clearing up a little bit of cap room next season to either resign Bojan + someone else or let Bojan go and bring in a new player. No matter what though, Bojan will be able to help the Mavericks compete in a very talented West this year. Giving up a first is worth it for that.



Utah Jazz

Utah is continuing their rebuild by sending Bojan Bogdanovich to the Mavs in exchange for Davis Bertans, Josh Green, and a 2025 lottery protected first round pick. I think this is a pretty good return for Bojan. The Jazz do take on Bertans contract, but the 3rd year of the contract is non-guaranteed, so it’s not as bad of a contract as it looks. Josh Green is a younger player who could get minutes off the bench for the Jazz and have a chance to prove that he deserves a spot on an NBA roster. The prize of this trade is the first round pick though. The Jazz are adding yet another first round pick into their now growing stash of future picks. It is lottery protected, but you wouldn’t expect the Mavs to be bad enough to be in that range of the draft. It will likely be somewhere outside of the lottery, which is still good for the Jazz. Overall, I think this trade is a W for the Jazz.


Conley—Clarkson—Beasley—Horton Tucker—Azubuki

(note that the bench of the rotation will inevitably change drastically as Conley, Beasley, and Clarkson are likely traded)