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Bulls Become Serious Contenders And Much More




+2 players ($54.5m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact + $7.1M
  • Russell Westbrook


    Russell Westbrook
    PG, 6' 3", -1 LEBRON
    Player Option | Shot Creator



  • Coby White


    Coby White
    PG, 6' 5", -0.52 LEBRON
    Team Option | Secondary Ball Handler



  • draft-pick-player

    2029 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2027 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2023 - Round 1

    via POR

-4  Wins

-22.61  MPG

+0.48  Off.

-4.03  Def.



+3 players ($51.3m),
Cap Impact + $4.2M
  • Nikola Vucevic
    Nikola Vucevic
    C, 6' 10", 1.33 LEBRON
    Versatile Big



  • T.J. McConnell
    T.J. McConnell
    PG, 6' 1", -0.82 LEBRON



  • Buddy Hield
    Buddy Hield
    SG, 6' 4", -0.42 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




+7  Wins

+53.79  MPG

+0.33  Off.

+0.77  Def.



+1 player ($18.0m),
Cap Impact - $11.4M
  • Myles Turner
    Myles Turner
    C, 6' 11", 3.27 LEBRON
    Stretch Big




-3  Wins

-31.18  MPG

-0.81  Off.

+3.26  Def.

Please read the description as it’ll help you understand the trade better. Please comment your thoughts and opinions on the trade!


The Bulls have a team that I really like the makeup of. The one glaring issue they have is interior defense. In my opinion the root of that problem is Nikola Vucevic. I think if the Bulls want to move from just being a playoff team to a contender they really need to make a move to flip Vucevic for a center who will still be able space the floor while also providing rim protection. Myles Turner fits that description perfectly.

In addition to being a perfect fit with Chicago, Turner is also very young. He is on a one year deal, but I truly believe Chicago would be able to sign him to a fairly team friendly long term deal. This deal doesn’t happen unless Chicago can talk to Turner and/or his agent and confirm he would be interested in a long term deal with the team.

I don’t think Chicago would really miss much of what they’re giving up. As mentioned earlier they’d lose Vucevic, but would be getting an upgrade over him in Turner.

While White is a promising young guard, the Bulls have an over abundance of young guards. It seems like White might be the odd man out in that group. He doesn’t provide much defensively when compared to the rest of the young guards, and defense is exactly what you want when building around Lavine and Derozan.

The ‘23 POR first is lottery protected. More than likely that pick will be in the late teens - early twenties. Sure they could get a good player there, but with an already crowded roster I believe they’d be better off flipping the pick anyways.

I could honestly write a whole article from a coaching prospective about how adding Turner makes the Bulls serious contenders as well as some other moves they could look to make. I won’t bore you all with that right now tho lol. If that’s something anyone would be interested in tho let me know down below because I’d gladly write it up.


The Pacers are in a tough spot currently with Myles Turner. He’s a decently young player just entering his prime, so as a rebuilding team you’d like to keep him. He’s also on the last year of his contract though. If I’m the Pacers that makes me pretty nervous. As a player just entering his prime I’m sure there’s some part of Turner that wants to go somewhere that’s ready to win now. If I’m Indiana I’d trade him for the right price just to prevent him walking away for nothing.

The Pacers would get a promising young guard prospect in Coby White back in this deal. He could play alongside Haliburton and Mathurin, or he could come off the bench and lead the second unit. At 6’5 he would be able to play both guard spots.

They’d also be getting the ‘23 POR FRP. As I said earlier this pick will probably be in the late teens - early twenties. While this isn’t very valuable to a contender like Chicago, I believe it would be very valuable to IND. If I’m them I’m looking to add a big man here in what appears to be a pretty deep big man class.

In Vucevic the Pacers are getting at worst an expiring deal. I’d say they also have to know there’s a number of teams who would be interested in him either as a 3rd team in this deal or even at the trade deadline. In this deal they of course flip him along with Hield and McConnell to LA for Westbrook and 2 future firsts.

This deal allows them to get good value for Vucevic as well as to get off of 2 long term deal ins Hield and McConnell.

They can chose to play Westbrook, sit him, or buy him out. Personally I’d only buy him out if you can do so at a pretty cheap price. Otherwise I’m just sitting him out for the year and playing the young guys.

The 2 future FRPs from LA could be very valuable as by then the Lakers will more than likely be without both LeBron and AD. Those picks could very easily be high lottery picks.


The Lakers are once again in one of my trades. This isn’t intentionally done, but due to Westbrook they just make a ton of sense in most trades. They desperately need shooting and playmaking and they add a lot of it in this deal while also getting rid of Westbrook.

While Vucevic isn’t a good fit in CHI, he fits great in LA due to them having AD. Vucevic will be able guard centers which allows AD to play that roamer role that we see many of the NBAs elite shot blockers play. That should really cover up a lot of Vucevic’s defensive inefficiencies.

Offensively Vuc provides a level of floor spacing from the center spot that LA has never had. This will really open up driving lanes for Bron and AD. He’ll also be able to provide offense via isolation post ups. This kind of shot making is something Bron and AD haven’t ever had in LA and should really make there lives easier. Especially in the regular season. This allows them to sit out more without having to worry about the team not being able to score.

Speaking of shot making… let’s talk about Buddy Hield. Hield will provide an elite level of shooting in LA. He’s second to only Steph Curry in 3 pointers made per game amongst active players. He also can create his own shot when needed. LA can start him or bring him off the bench. Similarly to Vuc, he’ll be able to take a ton of pressure off of Bron and AD offensively. While Hield isn’t a great defender, he is still serviceable on that end.

The last player LA is bringing in is McConnell. If you look at what’s different about their current roster when compared to their championship team you’ll see they’re missing a true floor general PG. That is exactly what they get in McConnell. He can also take a ton of pressure off of Bron from a ball handling perspective. He can start or run the second unit for LA.

As I’ve said before, giving up the picks is less than ideal, but at this point LA is too far in to worry about saving picks. If all they get from trading their entire young core and all of their picks is 1 championship then they’ve ultimately failed. I believe doing this deal could ultimately get them another championship or two.