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Eastern Conference Playoff Chances: 2022-2023




+1 player ($37.1m)
    Roster Moves
  • Trae Young


    Trae Young
    PG, 6' 1", 2.93 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Shot Creator



  • Notes

    Waived Trae Young for $215.1M over 5 yrs.

-9  Wins

-34.89  MPG

-5.15  Off.

+2.21  Def.



+1 player ($37.7m)
    Roster Moves
  • Jimmy Butler


    Jimmy Butler
    SF, 6' 7", 3.4 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Slasher



  • Notes

    Waived Jimmy Butler for $96.8M over 2 yrs.

-7  Wins

-33.88  MPG

-3.10  Off.

-0.30  Def.



+1 player ($42.5m)
    Roster Moves
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo


    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    SG, 6' 11", 6.54 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Roll + Cut Big



  • Notes

    Waived Giannis Antetokounmpo for $136.9M over 3 yrs.

-12  Wins

-32.90  MPG

-4.37  Off.

-2.17  Def.



+1 player ($30.4m)
    Roster Moves
  • Jayson Tatum


    Jayson Tatum
    SF, 6' 8", 5.11 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Shot Creator



  • Notes

    Waived Jayson Tatum for $97.8M over 3 yrs.

-13  Wins

-35.93  MPG

-3.85  Off.

-1.26  Def.



+2 players ($33.6m),
Cap Impact + $2.0M
    Roster Moves
  • Joel Embiid


    Joel Embiid
    C, 6.39 LEBRON
    Dead Contract | Post Scorer



  • Montrezl Harrell


    Montrezl Harrell
    C, 6' 7", 1.33 LEBRON
    FA Signing | Post Scorer



  • Notes

    Waived Joel Embiid for $184.4M over 4 yrs.

    Signed free agent Montrezl Harrell to a 2 year contract worth $4.0M.

    2022 $2.0M • 2023 $2.0M

-9  Wins

-10.68  MPG

-2.74  Off.

-2.31  Def.

These are not 1-15 rankings, but rather groupings of the chances a team makes the playoffs

The likely

  • Cavs: Four all-star caliber players (I'm projecting Evan Mobley to be one next season) that are relatively healthy with what seems like a competent supporting cast too, this is going to be a great year for Cav fans as they're likely locks for the playoffs.

  • Bucks: If you got Giannis with Jrue and Middleton for 70%+ of the season, a extremely likely outcome, guaranteed playoff spot, that's just how this goes. Even a crippled Bucks team without Brook for nearly the entire season and still got over 50 wins.

  • Celtics: Luke Kornet's play with Al likely to get rest games, Malcolm Brogdon's health and the would-be Gallinari minutes are all questions for next regular season. However, this is the difference between dominating the regular season compared to just being a competent team that's a lock for the playoffs.

  • Heat: A organization known for going all-out every regular season with talent in Jimmy, Bam, Herro, Lowry, Spo and the rest of the scrappy bunch, they'll be a shoe-in for the playoffs.

  • 76'ers: Embiid, Harden, Maxey and Tobias, the foursome that will make life miserable for every defense in the NBA. With ample regular season bench depth in Melton, Milton, Thybulle, House, Niang, Reed and Trez, they'll be able to work through the season relatively unscathed, a lock for the playoffs.

  • Hawks: Trae+Dejounte might be the best playmaking duo the game has to offer up currently and the defense should improve from last year with a bounceback season from Clint Capela and addition of Dejounte Murray. The bench has three quality pieces in Justin Holiday, Onyeka Okongwu and Bogdan Bogdanovic along with a talented starting five, a team primed for regular season success.

In the hunt

  • Nets: KD, Kyrie and Ben is a incredibly talented trio, but each player is also extremely likely to miss a significant chunk of the season, that leaves me hesitant on where to place this team as there are two extremes. On one hand, the defense could end up being well below average without any strong rim protection who can play next to Ben Simmons offensively, the closest is Kevin Durant, a lot to ask out of a 34 year old with 40k+ minutes throughout his career to be the main rim protector, one of the main distributors and main scoring option at the same time. On the other, they could end up being the best offense in the NBA with KD, Kyrie, Ben and knock-down shooters everywhere. That offensive trio should be complemented with a passable defense even without great rim protection (Ben is still such a talented defender), a deep bench lead by Seth Curry and a healthy TJ Warren, that would result in great regular season success. Based off the history of the three best players on the team along with some of the key bench players, they're poor bets to play more than 60 games at this point. I'm forced to place the Nets here instead of the main 6 because of these factors, I can't pick a team that will probably only play 40% of the season relatively healthy while other talented, quality and upgraded teams play 70%+ of the season relatively healthy.

  • Bulls: Depends on what team we'll get. Pre-Lonzo injury where the ball movement was excellent, point of attack defense was hounding and the team played with excellent pace. Post-Lonzo injury was a carcase of a once-compelling roster that turned into heavy iso ball, lackluster defense and the pace of play slowed. Even with swing variables like Vucevic's jumpshot and Patrick Williams' development, this will all come down to Lonzo, he ties everything together for the Bulls on both ends, he's also currently not even in training camp, so that's a massive issue for them.

  • Knicks: Best bench in the NBA? Quite possibly with starter quality players in Immanuel Quickley, Quentin Grimes and Obi Toppin along with 6MotY candidate Derrick Rose and solid backup big Isaiah Hartenstein, they're incredibly deep as a team. Jalen Brunson will likely make a run at an all-star selection as the main ball handler, RJ Barrett has made a jump every year in the NBA and Lobinson provides solid rim protection. However, there is the Julius Randle and Evan Fournier problem, both players will eat up minites from the bench players who are more productive than them currently, that duo's production will likely decide the Knicks' fate in if they make the playoffs or not given Thibs' stubbornness to play vets.

  • Raptors: Where to start, the starting five of FVV, GTJr, OG, Siakam and Scottie will be one of the better in the NBA, they will also play tons of minutes under Nick Nurse. The bench is made up of plenty of tall, versatile defenders with Thagic, OPJr, Boucher and Achiuwa, the defense should be ranked fairly high despite the lack of a big body bigman, like last season. The offensive capabilities, like last season, are likely capped out at slightly above average, but not awful either. They're probably the safest pick currently out of this bunch for the 7th or 8th seed.

  • Wizards: With Morris, Beal, Rui (should be Deni), Kuz and Kristaps in as the starting five while Delon, Barton, Deni (should be Rui), Kispert, Gafford and Taj make up the bench, they project to have a fairly deep roster. However, Kristaps Porzingis is needed for any chance at the playoffs as even if they're a deep team, they have few upper-end talents. KP missing a large chunk of the season, a likely outcome, will likely result in them missing the playoffs in the hyper competitive East.

  • Magic: With Paolo Banchero being drafted, they've landed the most NBA-ready rookie offensively since Luka Doncic, he should be a efficient scorer and playmaker the moment he steps into the NBA. With that addition, the Magic offense should go from bottom feeders to respectability, the defense is also likely to take another jump with the return of Jonathan Isaac. If a little luck goes their way, the Magic could shock the NBA as an above average defense with a passable offense to sneak into the playoffs via the play-in. However, their chances are the lowest of any of the teams that aren't listed as bottom feeders due to the lack of experience the team has currently.

Tank commanders, report!

  • Hornets: This is tank commander Plumlee, we're ready to go!

  • Pistons: This is tank commander Bagley III, we're ready to go!

  • Pacers: This is tank commander Duarte, we're ready to go!

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