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Lakers Trade Picks for Championship Hopes, Mavericks Get Luka a Second Option, Hornets Stock Up on Draft Capital


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Los Angeles Lakers x Charlotte Hornets | Trade Explanation

Charlotte is at a point where they may need to begin a retooling around LaMelo Ball and could benefit by stocking up on future draft picks.

The Hornets have three players that could also be of use for the Lakers in Terry Rozier (who would be an answer at the point guard position), P.J. Washington, and Kelly Oubre Jr. – each of those two would give the Lakers some flexibility in the frontcourt. Of course, the Lakers would have to decide if acquiring this trio from Charlotte would put them on the same level as other favorites in the Western Conference. The Lakers can’t afford to trade away both of their first-round picks without a championship contention certainty for the rest of this season and into the next couple of seasons.

Charlotte Hornets x Dallas Mavericks | Trade Explanation

The Dallas Mavericks have one of the best offensive players in the NBA in Luka Doncic. They could probably use a second option. Thus far, Jason Kidd doesn’t appear to see Christian Wood as the answer. In fact, he’s been relegated to sixth-man duties. Something tells me that Hayward would fare better in his rotation. In fact, he may be a perfect secondary playmaker for this team. Hayward can space the floor for Doncic while taking over ball-handling duties for him when needed. All told, he might be a perfect match for this team.

For the Hornets, realistically, draft capital ought to matter more to them than veteran upgrades at the moment. Still, if they end up being surprisingly competitive without Hayward, they may simply be too good to tank. Wembanyama or not, that’s a good problem to have.

The Los Angeles Lakers Starting Lineup After The Trade

PG Terry Rozier

SG Kelly Oubre Jr.

SF LeBron James

PF PJ Washington

C Anthony Davis

The Dallas Mavericks Starting Lineup After The Trade

PG Luka Doncic

SG Spencer Dinwiddie

SF Gordon Hayward

PF Dorian Finney-Smith

C JaVale McGee

The Charlotte Hornets Starting Lineup After The Trade

(Dwight Powell - Reserve)

PG Russell Westbrook

SG LaMelo Ball

SF Jalen McDaniels

PF Davis Bertans

C Mason Plumlee