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Breaking News Adam Silver has sold the nba. The new unanimous owners are starting a New Basketball League called Land Of Liberty Basketball the league will have 30 new expansion teams 15 from the eastern conference and 15 from the western conference. One of the confirmed teams are the Seattle Saviors. There will be a snake draft to decide where the players will end up going. Some of the more popular nba players that have declined there option are:

Ben Simmons

Aaron Gordon

Demarcus Cousins

Derrick Rose

Jusuf Nurkic

Udonis Haslem

Morris Brothers

Kevin Love

Serge Ibaka

Those are some of the more popular players that are not available to be a player for the Land of liberty basketball league.

Eastern Conference:

Milton Gliders

Vancouver Hotdogs

Dade County Dunkers

Louisville lions

New Jersey Knights

Orlando Dragons

Windy City Royals

Harlem Globetrotters

Quebec Nordiques

Boston Breakers

Milwaukee Domination Corporation

Cleveland Clippers

Miami Gargoyles

Houston Cowboys

Western Conference:

Seattle Saviors

Seattle SeaBears

San Antonio Sonics

Camano Ballers

Los Angeles Dodgers

Wyoming wolverines

Utah Underdogs

Charlotte Knights

Brooklyn Buckets

Kansas City Cornstars

Las Vegas Venom

Tacoma tide

Vancouver HotDogs

Albuquerque Turkey

Saskatoon Huskies