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Full Breakdown of the Sacramento Kings' Schedule. What to expect and what not to expect. Part 1/3

Portland Trail Blazers: Games 1, 58, 77, 78

The Blazers are improved from last season where we got a season sweep of them. Dame will be back fully healthy and Jerami Grant is now on the roster. I expect a split in the season series, but don't be surprised if these two teams face each other in the Play-In. They are very evenly matched

LA Clippers: Games 2, 21, 59, 63

I don't expect the Kings to win more than 2 games against this new and improved Clippers team. There's always that one game where every good player on the contending team broke their wrist and the Kings win by 40, but that's not happening twice in an 82 game season

Golden State Warriors: Games 3, 9, 12, 81

No idea why we're playing the Warriors three times in the first 12 games, but so be it. This will be a season sweep for the Dubs. Excited to see what Donte Divincenzo does against us in his revenge game. Even if Steph, Klay and Draymond are all injured somehow, we're still probably losing. Our only hope is the third game because the Kings always start out the season hot as a computer that's been running for 9 hours straight.

Memphis Grizzlies: Games 4, 16, 35, 47

Another bad matchup against us. For the last three years for whatever reason we haven't been able to beat the Grizzlies. I'm not superstitious, but I don't think this is the year the turn around is happening. Ja's playing at an MVP level, and the team is improved too. The matchup on January 23 will be on NBA TV

Miami Heat: Games 5, 7

This is the first Eastern Conference Team we play for the season, and its a team we play twice in the first ten games. Its also a team I don't think we're winning against. We won 1 game last year off a lucky missed game-winner, but its not happening this season.

Charlotte Hornets: Games 6, 29

We can easily win both games vs. Charlotte. Maybe this is my bias (and it probably is), but we have a better player at every position but Shooting Guard (Terry > TD and Kevin Huerter.) If Fox remembers how to shoot his free throws, we should be fine vs. Buzz City.

Orlando Magic: Games 8, 39

This is must-watch basketball. Keegan Murray vs. Paolo Banchero. The 4th Pick vs. the 1st Pick. And also I think Sacramento will win both games.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Games 10, 24

This is also must-watch TV. Fox vs. Garland, Sabonis vs. Jarrett Allen, and more possibilities. I think each team will win one game.

LA Lakers: Games 11, 30, 38, 43

The Lakers. Our biggest rival, the biggest flop last season, the worst contract as one of their point guards. Both teams somehow make one of the most entertaining games of the season. Last year one of the games went to Triple Overtime. I think the Kings are improved and will win the season series 3 - 1.

Brooklyn Nets: Games 12, 69 ;)

I'm not excited for the matchup, I'm just excited to see the Nets in general. We snapped their 11-game losing streak last year, and now Ben's back, and KD and Kyrie likely won't get traded. I don't expect us to win a game vs. Brooklyn, but I'll tune in regardless.

And that's Part 1! This post alone was hard to make, and Part 2 will either come later today or Monday.

See you then!