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Stat predictions Pt.3

Today’s player will be cam reddish! Don’t forget to put in the comments who you want to see next 👍

  1. cam reddish- 13.7 ppg 4.7 RPG 2.1 APG 41.6% FG 31% 3PT

The player that I will be using for today’s stat prediction will be cam reddish as a couple people wanted me to do him. I really like Cam’s style of play and I think that he will take a big leap in efficiency and scoring. He will also be a better 3PT shooter then last year and he will be more confident with his shooting. He will take a small jump in assists as I see him more of a scorer. He will take that leap in scoring, like I said before he will just be more confident with his shooting and will play a huge role in the hawks’ season. Don’t forget to put you want to see in stat predictions PT.4 in the comments 👍