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Lakers Draft Breakdown

Lakers just acquired pick 35 from the Magic and I’m stoked. So, I thought about who we could draft at 35 and I have this list.

Christian Braun

Braun is a Jack of all trades, master of none type dude who will definitely end up on some team’s bench, and hopefully the Lakers. Hes a great finisher with good off ball movement and great shooting. He’s also a smart playmaker. I love his fit on the Lakers, basically taking what THT should’ve been. However, he likely won’t be available at pick 35.

Gabriele Procida

Procida is a bucket. He has impressive shot creation skills and a knockdown catch and shoot. He’s comfortable pulling up off screens but overall pull up game needs a bit of work. His release is silky smooth and displays great touch. However, he’s pretty reliant on his right hand. He’s also an errant ball handler but if he is just a two guard who knocks it down in catch and shoot now off the bench that’s his best role offensively as of now. With work, he can be a starting point guard in the NBA. Defensively, he’s not slouch and is versatile - he can guard 2-3.5. He has good stance and footwork. He’s also pretty laterally quick. I believe this dude should be a top 20 prospect; there’s not a lot to dislike. I also believe that 35 is not a reach on this guy, he’s the real deal.

Khalifa Diop

Diop is extremely raw so perhaps this isn’t the best pick but he has a lot to like. He has a ridiculous motor and a great rebounder. He’s a strong finisher but a poor shooter. However, he moves very well for his size. He can be a pnr lob catcher. Defensively, he has quick feet however is mostly viewed as a project on that end. I’m not sure if he’ll even be available at 35 but if he is he could be a decent fit.

Andrew Nembhard

Nembhard is what the Lakers need now and for the future - a floor general who makes the right plays. I love watching Westbrook, but he turns the ball over WAY too much. Nembhard is a smart and willing passer who is also a good finisher. He’s a competent shooter, not amazing but good enough. He does have pretty good touch though. Nembhard is an extremely good defender as a big guard who moves his feet very well. Nembhard brings the Lakers what they really need - a floor general and perimeter defense. I would be very happy if we landed Andrew Nembhard; our backup PG position isn’t the best anyway.

What do you think? Who should we draft?