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Fixing MyTeam Part 2: End Of Season/The Playoffs

If you didn’t check out Part 1 go ahead and do that!

End Of Season / The Playoffs:

Now that all star weekend is over the next big thing is the end of the season and then the playoffs. 2K does absolutely nothing for the end of season awards. That needs to change! Every player that wins an award should get a really good card for winning the award. I think this would be a great way to introduce invincibles into the game. An invincible MVP, DPOY, 6MOTY, ROTY, and MIP would sell the crap out of some packs.

In addition to the invincible cards for the award winners I also think that every player on the All-NBA, All-Defense, and All-Roomie teams should receive either Dark Matter or Galaxy Opal cards.

2K should give us end of season challenges where you will be able to get equal chance packs for both a galaxy opal and dark matter player. This will give everyone a chance to get one of their favorite players. I also think the Dark Matter pack should have a small chance of their being one of the invincibles in it.

Now that we have the end of season awards out of the way we can move on to the playoffs. I actually liked the way 2K did the playoffs moments this year. That was a pretty good way of doing things and gave us some free and grindable content. I think in addition to that they should add in playoffs past players. With that there should of course be some free grindable content where we can earn equal chance packs. I think it would be dope to give us some dark matter and galaxy opal players that lock into a playoffs past master. Maybe like an invincible Robert Horry or Bill Russell.

That’s it for Part 2! I once again apologize because I know these ideas aren’t amazing. These next 2 tho are ones you’re really going to want to see! Be sure to check them out!