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Fixing MyTeam Part 3: The Draft

If you didn’t check out Parts 1 and 2 yet be sure to do so!

The Draft:

If I’m being honest 2K is completely fumbling the bag with the Draft Packs they release. At first the idea was super cool, and really it’s still pretty intriguing, but it could be done so much better.

For starters they need to cut out this whole only putting a few of the players in the game. At least all of the first round picks should be in the game. Madden does it every year 2K, so it can’t be too hard. Step up your game.

However I don’t think the cards should all be DM’s or Opals. This is where things get crazy. I think the cards should all be around what their rating will be in 2K the next year as rookies. Your high draft picks should be in the high 70’s - low 80’s and your later first round picks should all be in the low to mid 70’s.

Each player should be an evo card where you can decide how they progress. This way instead of being one of each player there will be a ton of different versions of each player. Each evo challenge should progressively get harder as you help your player develop from a rookie all the way to a superstar!

Each evo should be a choice so you can taylor the card to your preference. You should be able to pick different attributes, badges, animations, positions, and even duos for your player!

I think each player should start out with a duo who is a mentor to them. As they progress to a higher overall they should then get a duo that is a co star for them. Once they reach 99 ovr they should get a duo that makes them an invincible card. This duo should be a player on the team they got drafted by.

I know this all might be a little confusing so I’m going to pick a player and give an example. I’ll use the #1 Pick, Paolo Banchero.

Paolo will start out at let’s say an 82 OVR. He’ll be a PF only and will have a duo with Carmelo Anthony. Your first few evos will be basic things like I’d you’d rather him upgrade his shooting or finishing etc. Eventually you’ll have to decide whether you want him to become a SF/PF or a PF/C. From there you’ll be able to upgrade specific attributes depending on what position you picked. You’ll also be able to chose different animations for your player.

Once he reaches 90 overall he’ll get a new duo that’ll be a co star. If you picked for him to be a SF/PF he’ll duo with a big man like Mark Williams; however, if you made him a PF/C he’ll duo with a guard like Kyrie. You’ll continue upgrading him and picking animations as you like. When he reaches 99 overall he will shed his previous duo and get one with a guy like Suggs. This duo will essentially make him an invincible.

I hope that made things easier to understand. Each first round pick would have a similar upgrade path except some would start from a lower overall.

These players should be in packs as well as in grindable challenges where you can receive equal chance packs with all of them in the packs.

In addition to the draft packs there should also be both co-star and mentor packs. This will have all of the mentors and co-stars that duo with the new draftees. These players will be a set overall and will not have evos. They should also have equal chance packs that are attainable from grindable challenges as well as in the store.

In addition to those packs there should also be Draft Past packs. These will have all of the duos for when the players hit 99 overall. They will also be attainable in equal chance packs via grindable challenges as well as in the store.

Finally there should be What Could’ve Been Packs. These will be packs that have players that were busts or had their careers derailed due to injuries. Similarly to the recent draftees these players will start at lower overalls and evo up to dark matters. Their duos will be with cards that already exist in the game. It would be fun to have a super good Kwame Brown, Greg Oden, or Shaun Livingston.

That’s it for Part 3! I’m sorry as I know that was a lot to take in and probably was confusing. I don’t think it’s a perfect idea, but it just goes to show you how little 2K is doing if an average Joe like me can think of so many ways they could improve their draft content.