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Fixing MyTeam Part 4: The Summer League

If you haven’t checked out Parts 1-3 make sure to check them out!

The Summer League:

It’s really a shame that we didn’t get any summer league content. The dang summer league was named after 2K! The least they could do was give us some content.

I think it would be great to see us get a really good card for the summer league MVP. This year it would’ve been dope to see a SF/PF invincible Keegan Murray. Shoot give him a duo with one of his summer league teammates like Quetta, Ellie, or even Frankie Ferrari that would make him an end game card. Put them both in packs, on both triple threat boards, and the clutch time board.

It would also be great to see some summer league cards for the players that played well throughout the summer league. Give us some that are normal cards, some that are duos, and some that are the evos like the draft cards.

They could give them to us multiple days a week and/or give us Best of Summer league packs. Make some of them available from grindable challenges and on the triple threat boards and clutch time wheel and some for packs only.

No one would complain if we got a DM Kenny Lofton! Shoot give us a PG eligible one and make it an End Game. I PG eligible Zaire Williams would be dope too. Give us a Feron Hunt! Sure he’d be just like Kawhi, but I’d rather have a Feron card than that!

People would break the bank to get some meme cards like that. Shoot Id happily play all week long to get some of those “meme” cards. I might even consider buying a couple packs for Kenny Lofton.

I also think it would be great to have some summer leagues past cards. This would just be summer league legends like Zion, Nate Robinson, etc. These would of course be available in packs as well as grindable in challenges.

I know this is a super simple idea, but I believe it would make a huge difference to the community. This is just something that would make the game for fun and it just takes a little creativity!

Hopefully you all enjoyed that! Be sure to stay tuned for the final part! End Game!