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My biggest concerns for my top prospect in the draft

Paolo Banchero: Is he just going to be a good player or a great player? How much more can he improve in the NBA when he is already got most things down? Can he be a better defender?

Chet Holmgren: Is his size going to hurt him too much in the NBA? Can he create his own shot in the half court?

Jabari Smith Jr: Is he just a 3 and D player? Can he improve his ball handling enough to where he can consistently create good looks for himself? Is the complete lack of efficiency around the rim going to carry on into the NBA?

Jaden Ivey: Can he become good enough of a playmaker to run an offense? Are his improved shooting numbers legit? Is he too small to be a SG but not good enough of a playmaker to be a PG?

Shaedon Sharpe: Does his lack of experience hurt him too much? Is his lack of defensive consistency going to hold him back in the NBA?

Dyson Daniels: Are his scoring woes going to hold him back? Is his Playmaking legit or just inflated because he played with really good scorers?

Jalen Duren: Is he too raw of an offensive player to have success in the NBA? How much should we trust the defense to make him a good player by itself if he isn’t a good offensive player? Is his floor too low to be worth the risk?