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Tasks for Trade Deadline

Trade Deadline Ends Sunday 8 AM then Mid Season Tournament Starts

The First Task is 10 GMP, Second is 5 GMP Link to 2nd Simulation:

Note once the trade deadline is over you can’t get Tasks for these, for the ones got at the beginning of the mock you have until the end of the offseason

Hawks: More depth that has quality players, Get a big time 6 man

Celtics: More depth, Better backup PG and Center

Nets: Trade the rest of your old guys, Get more picks

Hornets: Add Good defender off bench, scorer off bench

Bulls, add more defensive wings, more center depth

Cavs: Good backup PG, add backup center

Mavs: More defensive wings, bench point guard who can facilitate

Nuggets: Better SF, More defensive wings

Pistons: Young guard off bench, trade vets for picks

Warriors: Better backup pf, vet off bench for locker room guy

Rockets: Better backup small forward, better depth in front court

Pacers: another young star, good young center

Clippers: another star, more offense

Lakers: More 3 point shooting, more wing defense

Memphis: better Center Depth, More three point shooting

Heat: Decide your future, Follow through on the first

Bucks: Better Guards, More Depth

Wolves: More wing defense, True scorer off the bench

Pelicans: Better PG, More Shooting

Knicks: Better PF to Contend, More Defensive Depth

Orlando: Find trade for Issac, Get 2nd Scoring Option who’s Young

OKC: More Young Depth, Young Scorer off Bench

Suns: More depth, More defense

Sixers: More Defense, Backup Big

Blazers: Get rid of Older Depth, Young Front Court Players

Sacramento: More Defense, More Shooting

Spurs: Get Building Block, Get Rid of Vets

Toronto: More Defensive Guards, Scoring off Bench

Utah: More Picks, Young Player in Front Court

Sonics: Defensive Wings, More 3 and D players

Nashville: Get More Picks, Get a Young Players with High Potential