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Beijing Great Walls rosters, staffs, and news

PG: Ben Simmons, Raul Neto

SG: Jalen Green, Ochai Agbaji

SF: Dorian Finney-Smith, Kelly Oubre JR, Derrick Jones JR, Terence Davis

PF: Cam Johnson, JaMychel Green

C: Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, Tony Bradley, Marquess Chriss


frp: 23-30 own, 23 springfield

srp: 23-30 own, 24, 25, 26 honolulu,

Owner: Curry4MVPS

GM: Curry4MVPS

Head Coach:

Trade block: Marvin Bagley (looking for a downgrade but similar players), Terence Davis (looking for a player back), Tony Bradley (also looking for a player back)

Untouchable: Embiid


Team news:

  1. 31/8/2022: Source from WELOVEXIJINGPING TV said that the Great Walls is confused at how the Embiid pick got graded as an A-. They think Joel is the most skilled big man the NBA hv ever seen. Kobe and MJ like fadeaways with the size, the paint defense, basically he got everything as a big

  2. 31/8/2022: Joel Embiid is delighted to be a Great Wall:

  3. 31/8/2022: The team announced that their official fans name will be called 'BRICKS' as bricks makes a wall

  4. 1/9/2022: The team warmly welcomes Josh Giddey and Jalen Green

  5. 2/9/2022: The team welcomes DFS and Cam Johnson

  6. 3/9/2022: Source from WELOVEXIJINGPING TV said that the Great Walls are heavily chasing for Ben Simmons as their starting PG, Giddey will be included in the deal

  7. 5/9/2022: The Beijing Great Walls are sending Josh Giddey to the Springfield Simpsons for Ben Simmons and their 2023 frp.

Then, the Springfield Simpson will send Giddey together with Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren, plus their 2023 and 2024 srp to the Beehives, for KAT and Lu Dort

For the Beijing side, we believe that Simmons can do the Giddey role, also known as floor general, despite lacking of shooting, which in our team we have DFS and Cam Johsnon, 2 high percentage shooter to help out, also Jalen Green and Joel Embiid who's also able to shoot, despite that, he have everything we want. He can be a great defensive PG beside Jalen Green which is highly needed for winning, also since DFS and Cam Johnson isn't strong post defenders, Simmons can have a role of PG on offense, and PF on defense. We believe that with this deal it will heavily improve our team.

Woj report:

  1. 6/9/2022: The Beijing Great Walls are waiving former MVP Russell Westbrook and sign former Wizard Raul Neto to a 1 year minimum

We believe that with Simmons and Westbrook as our PG, our spacing gonna be bad, a PG who can shoot and pass with bit of defending will be needed.

  1. 6/9/2022: The Beijing Great Walls are sending Tauren Prince to the Honolulu Volcanoes for JaMychel Green and a srp

Woj report:

  1. 7/9/2022: The Beijing Great Walls are Trading Derrick White to the LA Angles for Kelly Oubre and Ochai Agbaji

We like the fact that we can acquire a highly talented rookie in this deal, as well as an 1 year deal 3&D player, to be a backup for DFS