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(MAIN POST) ---- 21-22 Season Re-Simulation Mock League!

Please Read this note: I apologize for the trade challenge competion not being finished. I had a irl issue and lost my google account for a while but I was able to get it back. The trade that I would say won was u/Coopgt3PTT so congrats to him! Now I would like to start a normal mock leauge that will be simmed on NBA2k22 and I hope you enjoy. Just a reminder this will be a re-simulation of the 2021-22 NBA Season, we may do the 22-23 season if this mock stays active! You can start trading as soon as you join, once this mock is full I will give a more clear date on when this will end.

Summary of Above:

  • Simulated on 2k22

  • You may begin to trade when you join the mock

  • The end date of this mock is TBD

  • THIS MOCK STARTS IN THE PRESENT DAY, Your team will have all of its Mid-Season Acquisitions and Any IRL trades that happen past 6/20/22 1:00 EST DO NOT COUNT for this mock.

  • Please let me know if you have any Questions, Thoughts or Concerns about this

  • If a player is Injured irl they will not be injured in the game

  • Enjoy!

Basic Rules:

  • No Cheating (burner accounts)

  • Abide by all NBA RULES (stephien, Hard Cap, Etc..

  • If I trade is lopsided it may be VETOED!

  • You do not have to salary match

If there is a team missing from this list, let me know.

76ers — SixersGM

Hawks — Baskets

Nets — LogoLillard

Celtics — splashking

Bulls — owenglaude10

Bucks — KnicksTape

Magic — ArmChairGM

Knicks — crybutfight23

Wizards — GoPackAndGoMavs

Hornets— t00tall

Raptors — liambro2003

Pacers — jjwanee

Heat — meloisasniper

Cavaliers- johnnyhughes199

Lakers — MeWasntHere

Suns — StephForMvp

Clippers — THEGRUDGE

Warriors — chrisgon0203

Trail Blazers — mnrobinson30

Mavericks — olseneli000

Nuggets — Bonesisawesome

Jazz — Raptorsfan126

Grizzlies — DaLegend1

Rockets — aidanscher

Timberwolves — JColetheGOAT

Pelicans- DH10

Kings — tanner1

OKC — mnort_WindyCity

Pistons- rishanpro

Spurs- SchlenkSystem

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