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Multi Mock V3

Welcome to the Multi Mock V3! This mock is multiple creators who have come together in hopes of making one really good mock. We have borrowed ideas from other mocks as well as came up with some of our own. The creators who are working on this mock are: AsapCohen, Bron, Yxzin_4, MNRobinson and Big Luis.

The Basics: This mock will start in the regular season. Here is where the twist comes in, there will be 3 stoppages during the “year” so you can trade. Along with that, there are going to be divisions. There will be 4 divisions of 8 teams besides the last division. To start off the year, us 5 will rank 8 teams in each division. The first division (D1) will be the best with the best teams. The second division is D2 , then D3, then D4. During each stoppage, the two best teams from each group will go up into a higher division and the other 2 worst will go to a lower division. For the 2 top teams in D1 they will just stay. This will be simulated on 2K23. We will get into the specifics about each stage down below. The thing that determines the winner of this mock is what differentiates it from other mocks. The winner of the mock will be determined by who has the most GM points (GMP). GMP can be earned by completing objectives (more about that later), making really good trades or signings, and by individual player and team achievements. Stoppages: At each stoppage you will be allowed to negotiate with other GM’s and make trades. Each stoppage will last around a day, so you will have to work quickly. For the first 3 stoppages, you will be allowed to trade but the last one you will not be allowed to.

Objectives: Each team will be given one big objective. This objective is a hard one and will be worth anywhere from 0-20 GMP. It will be very open ended and still gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your team. These goals are more about finding a direction for your team or keeping them going in the right direction. If you do a great job, completing it you will get more points, but if you completely ignore it, you could be in the negatives in GMP! Along with your main goal, you will also be given 2 other goals. One medium goal (worth 10 GMP) and one small goal (worth 5 GMP). These goals are easier and will be slightly more specific, but still give you the freedom to make whatever trades you want.

The Draft: After the season and the postseason, we gather up the 14 worst teams and put it into the Tankathon to determine the lottery. We will then post that order. After the order is posted, there will be 2 days (48 hours) until the draft starts. Trading will re open during this period. After the 2 days are up, the draft will start. Our goal is to finish 30 picks 3 days following the draft. Since not everyone is familiar with the 2023 Draft prospects, we will get 3 scouts. These scouts will answer questions about the draft. We will try to drop scouting reports of players too. We’ve decided on some rules in order to keep the draft moving quickly. You will be messaged by one of the creators helping with this mock when it is your turn to pick. From the time that message is sent you will have 1 hour to make your selection. You will not be required to make any picks between 10 P.M. and 8 A.M. EST We can't say how important this is but please make a Big Board so if you're not around in the 1 hour that is provided, we can take the top from that list. If your time runs out and no list has been left for us, we will make an educated selection for you. Please remember that a really good selection could result in bonus GMP for you!

Trading: We will have a page that will have the negation page(s) as well as the official trade post. Trading will officially start when we get 30 teams but you can start negotiating deals before then. During each stoppage in the season you will have a chance to make trades. After the season is over, trading will start again when the draft order is released (2 days before the start of the draft). Trades can be discussed before then, but nothing will be official until then. We are going to try and refrain from vetoing trades, but if one is very lopsided we will do so. All players are allowed to be traded as long as they aren’t free agents. FAs will only be allowed to be traded during free agency via sign and trades. Trading will end at the end of free agency. There will be one more brief trading period at the trade deadline (more on that later). We ask 3 things of you in regards to trading. A roster post with players and first round picks are required. This makes life easier on everyone. Please try to do most of if not all of your negotiations on the trade negotiations page. This allows everyone to see it. You can make sweepstakes posts but please limit it to 3 days max.

Free Agency: We will all be handling free agency, as it is the hardest part about a mock. During this period, FA’s can be traded via s&t’s. You can not do Sign and Trades prior to Free Agency. Free agency will be broken down into 2 periods. The first period is RFA. It will last 2 days. There will be a post with the RFA’s where you can make offers for them. Players will take more into account then just money. At the end of the 2 days, the players' team will have the opportunity to match the contract they want to sign with another team. If they do not match it, the team with the best offer will get the player. The next phase will be UFA. It will last 5 days. There will be a post with the UFA’s. Teams will be able to offer the players. Once again they will take more into account then just money. The players will decide what team to sign within 48 hours after getting their first offer. At the end of this period trading will also end. All team options and player options will be accepted unless told otherwise.

Simulation: Yxzin_4 will also be handling the sim part of this mock. The sim will be done on 2K23. He is also using his own custom roster with realistic ratings and mods to keep it fair by having D1 teams face other D1 teams. Please make trades as a real GM, not a 2K GM. The sim will start after the expansion mock and 2 days of trading. Trade Deadline: The next portion of the mock is the trade deadline. This will be a brief stoppage in the sim. You will be able to see the league standings and possibly receive new objectives to complete for GMP. After the standings and new objectives are posted, you will have 2 days (48 hours) to complete any trades. After that we will move on to our next phase of the mock.


D1: Celtics, Bucks, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Grizzlies, Nets, Pelicans, 76ers

D2: Suns, Clippers, Kings, Knicks, Jazz, Blazers, Mavs, Pacers

D3: Hawks, Heat, Timberwolves, Raptors, Bulls, Warriors, Thunder, Lakers

D4: Wizards, Magic, Spurs, Hornets, Rockets, Pistons

After the first 16 game simulation we will make adjustments to the group based on how well you have done. So if you right now are in D3 you're not stuck there for the mock.

Mid Season Tournament: This Tournament will be between D2 Teams and D3 Teams so a 16 team tournament. This will be a single elimination tournament run by you as you get to vote for your team in the polls that will be made for this tournament. I will take the results from 2 hours and whoever has a higher % will win and advance to the next round. If they are tied then we will flip a coin. The winner of this tournament will get 1 of 3 things. 10 GMP Boost, Guarantee into Playoffs, Improved Lottery Odds. Depending on the direction of your team you can choose 1 of these.

Playoffs: The Playoffs will be for D1 Teams and the Winner of the Mid Season Tournament depending on what they choose. It will be a single elimination and win or go home. End Of Season: During this phase we will post what players won individual awards as well as the playoff bracket and champion. As I mentioned earlier, these individual and team achievements will also be worth GMP. The players who win the main awards (MVP, DPOTY, MIP, SMOTY, ROTY) will give you 8 GMP. The team who wins the championship will also get 10 GMP. At the end of the mock we will tally up all of the teams GMP. The GM who has the most GMP will be the winner of the first season! Schedule (Note: We will try to stay as close to the schedule as possible but no guarantees.) Release Date, You will have 1 whole day to be prepared for the sim. After that we will have our first sim that is 16 games. After we give you the results you have 1 full day to trade then we will sim again. And this cycle repeats until we get to the playoffs.

Important Links

Negotiations Page

Official Trade Post

Discord Server


Sign Ups

Atlanta Hawks: Bron

Boston Celtics: chrisgon0203

Brooklyn Nets: JAFORMVP

Charlotte Hornets: SchlenkSystem

Chicago Bulls: cfdog27

Cleveland Cavaliers: jbb

Dallas Mavericks: GamerAttack27

Denver Nuggets: DubsinFour2

Detroit Pistons: Mewasnthere

Golden State Warriors: Mnrobinson

Houston Rockets: Yxzin_4

Indiana Pacers: splashking

Los Angeles Clippers: ClipFan3

Los Angeles Lakers: Lakeshowszn

Memphis Grizzlies: JColetheGOAT

Miami Heat: TTT

Milwaukee Bucks: MaxeyForMVP

Minnesota Timberwolves: AnAverageNBAFan

New Orleans Pelicans: mnort_WindyCity

New York Knicks: Dh10

Oklahoma City Thunder: ItsCharapy

Orlando Magic: MohidHassan

Philadelphia 76ers: sixersgm

Phoenix Suns: Butler4MVP

Portland Trail Blazers: olseneli000

Sacramento Kings: Amdaymond

San Antonio Spurs: Blues

Toronto Raptors: TheRaptor

Utah Jazz: Curry4MVPS

Washington Wizards: KnicksTape