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Just need to collect myself with all the new rumors

These are official and I found them on hoopshype.com

  • Hield and Barnes are likely be traded

  • Boucher is also likely to be traded (Why is no one making Boucher trades)

  • Myles Turner to Mavs, Knicks, Lakers, Wolves, Blazers, Hornets? All teams with interest

  • Knicks will be buyers

  • Blazers interested in Grant

  • Fox could be traded, lots of interest

  • Hali can, he is generating lots of interest, but unlikely to be traded

  • Fox/Simmons could happen, but it’s mostly exploratory due diligence

  • Lakers, Pistons, Pacers and Cavs were very interested in Cam Reddish however none would give a first round pick

  • Pacers are looking to re-tool, not rebuild. They want to improve in any trade. They want to trade Turner/Sabonis and LeVert

  • Sabonis is unlikely to be traded because the FO values him highly

  • Russell Westbrook to Philly? No. Westbrook is not on the 30-player list of Morey’s.

  • Cavs are interested in Joe Harris and Kyle Anderson

  • Jaylen Brown won’t be traded this year

  • Suns are interested in dumping Saric’s contract

Just spewing all these random trade machine thoughts.