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Generation 10 (November 2022-now/the Middle Schoolers): Can’t really name anybody who really is in this generation but yea really recent

Generation 9 (2022 summer/the Freshman): Primetime Fanspo for mocks and users. Top users include Mohid, Maxey etc.

Generation 8 (the sophomores/Jan 2022-May 2022): Grudge, MNort, a ton of users who r making a major impact today r from this one. Also during the PEAK OF MY FANSPO CAREER so u know they got some of that Kyrie article writing. Imo the peak point of Fanspo

Generation 7 (Sept 2021-Dec 2021/the juniors): ahhh the good old days. When I sorta started, others guys like MWH and Bron started in this era fully imo. Also a bit of a dark period in Fanspo history, everyone left but we got tons of new users!

Generation 6 (the seniors/2021 summer): Chrisgon, Showman, JCole and ofc the start of the revolutionary mock era thanks to Shooter. Imagine this musta been a fun time considering the massive change in branding from TradeNBA to Fanspo.

Generation 5 (the college students/2021 winter and spring): IK a ton of y’all including me made trades but we all never amounted to nothing 😭. Luka4TheGame77, Basketball, Vish, GoGiants, LeoKevin and TheRaptor all dominated this era.

Generation 4 (the starting out job/2020 fall and winter): I forget what his names was before but like StephCurry3030, KJ12 and LeoKevin along with Vish and some previous dudes ran it as Fanspo became a public site. Also Atto started and was an absolute menace.

Generation 3 (the parents and adults/2020 spring and summer): I joined here myself personally and ik a ton of y’all did during that period we all got bored. It was good but no community on the site yet and still named TradeNBA 🤮

Generation 2 (2019-20 winter/finna be grandparents): We all made one trade without an account on TradeNBA. Only valuable thing with picks is on this site and destroyed ESPN

Generation 1 (ur 100+ yrs old/anything before): How r u still on here