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Build around legend mock!!!!

You can only join if you keep up to date and stay with me for the bracket

The Rules are pretty much you pick you’re legend and your team and you have to keep 3 guys from the actual teams roster once everybody has there roster I will create the rosters on 2k 22 and simulate games and see who made the best team. 8 will be joining Everybody you don’t automatically keep and your roster will go into free agency and you can sign people then So you’re gonna keep 3 people and get two legends and then you have to sign 7 free agents to make you’re 12 man roster complete and you don’t have to outbid people who ever offers first gets them and THERES NO CAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and and after I get 30 people and they finish there rosters you’ve got 3 days to make trades We starting August 10th no more

Team User Legends

Pacers Japacer MJ,Kobe

Mavericks GoCs Pierce Hakeem

Lakers albertnazarene2 KG, D wade

Knicks Darth Fader Shaq, Magic

Celtics Cookie Monster Al, Duncan

Grizzlies PMGOATJTGOD Bird, Russell

Cavs llovemiamia Miller Scottie

76ers KobiestheGOAT Kareem, Wilt