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Rockets Roster For ArmChairGM Mock


42-40 record, (16th ranked offense, 17th ranked defense)

Rick Adelman runs a corner offense that needs good passing bigman and dynamic guards who can go off-ball and on-ball.

Rockets ownership group is willing to spend luxury tax payments

Yao Ming will be on minutes restrictions during the entire season at just 24 a night.

Name 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Kevin Martin 11.10M 11.52M 12.44M
Trevor Ariza 6.32M 6.79M 7.26M 7.73M 8.58M
Kyle Lowry 10.80M 10.80M 10.80M 10.80M 10.80M
Chase Budinger 780k 854k 885k
Shane Battier 7.35M
Jared Jeffries 6.88M
Jordan Hill 2.67M 2.86M 3.63M
Chuck Hayes 1.97M
Aaron Brooks 2.02M
Cole Aldrich 1.82M 1.96M 2.10M 3.11M
Yao Ming 17.69M
Luis Scola 7.00M 7.00M 7.00M
Brad Miller 4.40M 4.75M
Jermaine Taylor 781k 884k 942k

Draft Picks

2011: 1at Rockets, 1st Knicks (pick swap)

2012: 1st Rockets, 1st Knicks (top 5 protected until 2015)

2013: 1st Rockets

2014: 1st Rockets

2015: 1st Rockets

2016: 1st Rockets

2017: 1st Rockets

2018: 1st Rockets