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3 Strongest Teams Of All Time

There have been many very dominant teams over the years. This is a list of the 3 best of them. If this gets 5 upvotes or flames, I will do a best all-time team of each franchise in history. but, to start off with I would like to make some honorable mentions

Steve Nash Suns: This was a very dominant team that went with 60+ wins multiple times. If not for their playoff struggles they would be ranked a lot higher

Lebron + Wade Heat: A very strong team, but not very dominant in the way these other 3 teams were

Modern Day Nets: Could easily make the list in the future, but haven't proven worthy yet

Showtime Lakers: Just missed the cut, but no doubt a very dominant team

Bill russell celtics: A very good team, and I know how good they were. Russell is the best defensive big ever, and I am a massive fan of his, but his team played the game before it was considered a professional sport. The league was just starting and it wasn't nearly as competitive then. at most there were 16 teams back then. They only had to beat 15 teams, with much shorter seasons. But their feat was by no means unimpressive

Now, for the real deal

No. 3: MJ, Pippen and Rodman Bulls. This team was unbeatable. They have Michael 'air' Jordan, arguably and most likely the best player to touch a basketball. Rodman and Pippen were the 2 best defenders of their time, and Pippen was the best 2 way player. Then they had that number 23 guy. You know, the one known as the G.O.A.T? Yeah him, he made em dominant

No. 2: Kobe-Shaq Lakers. The most dominant center of all time, and the best pure scorer of all time, ON THE SAME TEAM. No wonder they went 16-1 in the playoffs. This team was unstoppable. Kobe had the heart of a lion, and the calm calculation of a raptor. He was the ideal offensive player, for the team he played for. He was the dream come true for LA. Then there was and unguardable shaq. Do i need to say more?

No. 1: Steph Curry, KD, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Javal Mcgee warriors. HOW DO YOU GET A TEAM THAT GOOD. Draymond and Klay were both all-defensive first teamers. Klay was also and all-NBA talent. That alone is good. Then you add 2x MVP and the best shooter of all time in Steph, and one of the best scorers ever and former MVP KD and the team is U-N-S-T-P-P-A-B-L-E. If not for injuries, they would have won 5 straight titles. Kawhi got lucky, as did LeBron.