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2k22 Mock League!!!!! (SIgn Ups)

This is set as the rosters for 2k22. Any FA's that had teams last season will be on those teams. I will be making a custom roster that will make player ratings more realistic.

Trade Tracker: All trades must be posted in the trade tracker otherwise they do not count

All picks are reset, so each team has its own picks, not team is missing a pick

If a team doesn’t have enough players (14) at the start of the season (date tbd) then their roster is filled out automatically by 2k22 ovr

All wizards trades count

76ers — Luke_Jewell

Hawks —

Nets — ChrisGon

Cavaliers —

Celtics — Bill_OBrien

Bulls — MHM

Bucks — MHM

Magic —

Knicks —

Wizards —

Hornets —

Raptors — RaptorsFan

Pacers —

Heat —

Pistons — SixersGM

Lakers —

Suns —

Clippers — Luke_Jewell

Warriors — StephForMVP

Trail Blazers — Schlenk

Mavericks —

Nuggets —

Jazz —

Grizzlies —

Spurs —

Rockets —

Pelicans —

Timberwolves — Basketball

Kings —

OKC — Slayerco