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so currently there's a pretty clear top 4, jabari, chet, paolo, ivey. Let's assume that the first 4 pick will be Houston, Detroit, Magic, Thunder (definitely can happen), for now the best player in the draft will be Jabari, and houston take him. Pistons looks like a good fit for Chet, so they will draft chet. Magic will clearly go with Paolo, and the Thunder? Giddey and Shai is alrdy their future back court, Giddey Shai Ivey won't work, so what will they do?

There's teams that particularly don't want some guys:

Rockets: everyone's ok

Pistons: no Ivey

Magic: No Ivey Chet (won't be a good fit)

Thunder: No Ivey

Ivey might drop out of the top 4 if it rlly goes like that. Pacers have the 5th pick, i heard ppl think Ivey can be a good fit for Pacers, but imo it's not. Haliburton developed into a very good true PG alrdy. He will be handling the ball, putting Ivey in won't work, also Tyrese isn't a very good shooter, Ivey too. There spacing will be a problem if they're tgt, so 5th pick maybe will be Griffin and 4th pick Thunder go with Sharpe. 6th pick will be the Kings they alrdy hv Fox so they for sure won't draft Ivey, unless they trade Fox. 7th and 8th pick is the Spurs and the Blazers, they're targeting bigs, so Murray and Duren will be the pick. Also they alrdy have a franchise PG (Lillard/Simons, Murray), so they also won't be drafting Ivey.

There might actually be chance that a talented prospect, Jaden Ivey, can drop right down to 9th pick, where teams like the Pels, Wizards, Knicks can steal him!

Lemme know what you think of this situation. Do you think that this can happen? Do you see a team will have double PG in their starting lineup?

Your comments will be highly appreciated! :)