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AG’s Top 5 Landing Spots For Tom Brady

Comment Opinions Please. What Team Do Think Would Be A Great Fit?

5) Washington Commanders

Explanation: Washington is a Top 10 Defensive Team in the league & ranked 3rd in points allowed. With guys like Chase Younh, Montez Sweat, Daron Payne, & Kendall Fuller, it’s easy to understand why they were so good defensively. Offensively, the Commanders are one of the most rush heavy teams in the league, which is what Tom Brady needs at this stage of his career. He’ll have two talented running backs in Brian Robinson Jr & Antonio Gibson that can help carry the offense & develop a lethal play action game for Tom Brady. Passing wise, Brady would have one of the best WR’s in Terry McLaurin along with a young up & comer in Jahan Dotson as well. This specific recipe, a Top 10 Defense & Heavy Rush Scheme is exactly what Brady needs to lead another team to the Super Bowl once again.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Explanation: Tom Brady has already won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay, & they still have legitimate talent on both sides of the ball. Offensively, Evans & Godwin are both top WR’s in the league. What the Buccaneers must do though is build an adequate offensive line so that they can establish a run heavy scheme & give Brady time to throw when passing is needed. A solid offensive line will allow Tampa Bay to take time off the clock with their running game & open up the play action game for Brady to target his guys in Evans & Godwin. And defensively, the Buccaneers were a Top 5 squad just a couple seasons ago, but injuries to guys like Shaquille Barrett & others dropped them to 13th this season. If healthy, Tampa Bay can once again be a Top 5 Defensive Squad in the league.

3) Tennessee Titans

Explanation: Derrick Henry is a running back that would make Tom Brady so happy. Tennessee has an excellent running game which is what Brady needs in this stage of his career. He also knows & has familiarity with the Titans head coach, Mike Vrabel. What I also really like about Brady to Tennessee is that the division is relatively weak outside of Jacksonville. If the Titans can just add some better weapons at the WR position, like OBJ & Jarvis Landry, & improve their defense, they can be a legitimate title contender & dangerous threat to teams like KC, Cincinnati, & Buffalo.

2) Las Vegas Raiders

Explanation: The Raiders honestly have it all offensively & head coach who Brady really loves in Josh McDaniels. Adding the GOAT to a team that already has a star WR in Davante Adams, the season’s leading rusher in Josh Jacobs, & other weapons in Hunter Renfrow & Darren Waller, makes the Raiders a very scary team that can potentially come out of the AFC. The only issue though in Las Vegas is their defense, which ranked 28th this season. So addressing their defense through the draft & free agency should be a top priority.

1) Minnesota Vikings

Explanation: Many people argue that Kirk Cousins is holding Minnesota back & is only a regular season quarterback. And to be honest, I agree with that take. What has Kirk Cousins actually accomplished with the Vikings in the playoffs. He has a ton of weapons in Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson & TJ Hockenson, but still couldn’t make it work in the wild card at home against a worse team in the New York Giants. Swapping Kirk with Tom Brady makes Minnesota a much better team & easily a Top 3 team in the NFC. They have so much weapons as I stated above & would make Brady’s late stretch of football very easy. Minnesota is my favorite landing spot as they are in a weaker division & conference as a while. I can for sure see them heading to the Super Bowl next season with Tom Brady at the quarterback position.