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Why Point Differential is a FLAWED Stat

Ok first of all, let me just show you the point differential standings

  1. Bills

  2. Cowboys

  3. Eagles

  4. Chiefs

  5. Bengals

  6. Ravens

  7. Patriots

  8. 49ers

  9. Seahawks

  10. Jets

  11. Dolphins

  12. Jaguars

  13. Titans

  14. Buccaneers

  15. Giants

  16. Vikings

  17. Commanders

  18. Falcons

  19. Raiders

  20. Saints

  21. Broncos

  22. Cardinals

  23. Browns

  24. Chargers

  25. Lions

  26. Bears

  27. Packers

  28. Colts

  29. Panthers

  30. Rams

  31. Texans

  32. Steelers

Ok, 2 things jump out to me IMMEDIATELY

The Vikings have a negative point differential and the Jags have the same point differential as the Dolphins

The Vikings have won all their games by a slim margin and have 2 losses which were both blowouts

6 of the Jags’ losses have been 1 score games and they have 2 blowouts

If we go based off this stat, the Jags are better than the Vikings

The Vikings are 8-2 while the Jags are 3-7

People are calling Jags generational talent QB in Trevor Lawrence a bust while Kirk Cousins is getting all the praise in the world

This s clearly a flawed stat and should not be taken too seriously

At the end of the day, it matters if you win or lose, not how you do it