NBA Mock Draft Simulator

Getting Started

Fanspo's Draft Simulator allows you to experience the excitement of NBA draft night for yourself. Go through what NBA front offices do on draft night and make player selections for your own team or multiple teams. Just like with Fanspo's trade machine, you will be able to share your creation with the world by using the custom generated link after saving your mock draft. Others who visit this link can leave a comment on it and give it a rating. By saving your mock draft it will also be featured on the mock drafts page.

Select the number of picks you would like to choose (14 - Lottery, 30 - First Round, or if you're brave 60 - Full Draft).

The draft order you select will determine the order teams select in.

By selecting a draft board, the order of the available players will shift depending on where they rank on that particular board. If you create and save your own draft board, you will be able to use it here.

Please reach out to support if you have questions or feedback!

Which team do you want to pick for?
How many picks would you like to make?
Which draft order do you prefer?

Which draft board do you want to use?