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About Fanspo

Core Purpose

We provide sports fans and analysts with best-in-class tools & data, which they use to create smart, shareable, professional-grade content. We also provide community features that enable fans to discuss & network with other like-minded people in a fun and creative environment. Our goal is to enable hundreds of millions of sports fans to become self-sufficient creators instead of merely consumers of traditional sports media.


We aim to provide accurate, reliable sports tooling in a safe community environment that fosters positive interactions and opens the door for career growth in the sports industry. We believe sports fans are just as insightful as traditional sports media outlets, and given the right tools and access to data, they can construct their own professional analysis.


The Fanspo website first launched on June 9, 2018 through an announcement post on reddit, originally called TradeNBA. You can still find that post here.

The original goal was to build a better NBA trade machine than what was available at the time. I spent months coding it and trying to understand the NBA CBA using sites like Larry Coon's CBA FAQ, and finally released the first version of the site with a working trade machine that included draft picks and the ability to share your trades with a custom link. From there I recieved a ton of feedback and built out community features, like logins, user profiles, trade of the day, comments, and more. The site design was iterated a few times over the past few years as I've been able to add more data and tools. Draft tools for the NBA, such as our mock draft simulator and draft big board creator were added. Then I decided to build similar tools for other sports, starting with the NFL. Which led to the name change from TradeNBA to Fanspo, to better support multiple sports and tools. We now have an NFL trade machine that is continually being improved upon. The story continues on today and we are now working on adding more tools and sports, including MLB, NHL and Soccer. There will soon be an iOS and Android app as well. To follow along with our latest plans, check out our product roadmap.

If you would like to see the evolution of our site over the years, you can check that out on this throwback post I made recently.


Zach Rodriguez
Founder / Software Engineer
San Antonio, TX

Love the NBA, sports and building cool things that people enjoy using.