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The Steve Ballmer Episode

If you didn't know Paul George has a podcast called Podcast P in which he uploads a weekly episode talking to NBA players.

In this post my idea is to summarize a little bit of what Ballmer and George talked about the Clippers and share my opinion about what they talked about.

This time, as the title announces because it was the last episode of the season, the NBA player brought Los Angeles Clippers Governor Steve Ballmer to the podcast.

General ideas they talked about the Clippers:

  1. Rebuilding the Team.

  2. Ballmer's type of role on the team.

  3. Intuit Dome.

  4. Team Goals for the season.

  • Team Rebuilding

On this topic Ballmer simply commented that he doesn't like the idea of a rebuild simply because he doesn't want to go back to the old narrative that the Clippers once had of being a losing team and not competing for the title, besides the fact that he doesn't like it, he says he doesn't want that for the team's fans either. The owner also adds that he believes it is not necessary to go through the rebuilding process since they are in LA and free agents will always be attracted to come to the team.

  • Ballmer's Type of Role on the Team

While we all know that he is the Governor/Owner of the team no one really knows how involved he is in the team, well in answering this question Ballmer clarified that he is retired and that while he is good with the financial issues he has no idea about the types of business in relation to the players in the NBA so he trusts Lawrance Frank for this type of business, although he also highlights that even having this lack of knowledge he always talks to Lawrance to know which players are going to acquire or want to acquire, he also highlights that he usually talks to Jerry West with the intention that he shares his wisdom with him, so you could say that he is like his "mentor".

He also highlights that his relationship with Ty Lue is very good and that in every home game he talks to Ty Lue, George added that he is an owner very involved for the team and that he is probably one of the most involved in the league.

  • Intuit Dome

Well on this topic they do not speak much apart from that clarify some details that have been working since 2015 in this project in which Ballmer has been very involved and have sought the greatest comfort for fans such as: chargers in all stadium seats, all seats are equally comfortable regardless of where they are located, a large scoreboard that surrounds the entire stadium.

  • Team Goal for the Season

About the goals for the season Ballmer just commented that he sees the teans as the underdogs and that they just has to stay healty and that he is always willing to win that championship but that the ones who can only do that are the players to which George added that they are all in the same page and that if healty they can compete for the championship.

  • My opinion

Honestly I think that Ballmer seems like a good person very funny and commited to do something great for the Clippers fans and also for the Basketball community.

I know that possibly this post will not have many views or likes because honestly I wrote a lot of text, but I really enjoy writing this post or articles or whatever you want to call it since I think that they are a really good type of content and they also challenges me and keep me improving my level of english.

Once said all this if u have read till here thank you very much and go directly to watch the Steve Ballmer episode since there is a lot more to know in the episode.