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Who’s The Worst Free Throw Shooter?

Gone are the days of Hack-a-Shaq in the NBA, thankfully. Rule changes have minimized the use of that strategy. Still, several of the league's worst free-throw shooters in the last decade made a ton of trips to the line before 2016 because of their struggles and that loophole.

Steven Adams

Adams has a 53.6 career rate, and he recently completed his worst season. The veteran center made a ghastly 36.4 percent of his shots at the charity stripe in 2022-23. Unfortunately for Adams, the unexpected (and literal) gut-punches from former OKC assistant coach Darko Rajaković didn't work out.


Clint Capela

He has converted just 53.5 percent of his freebies with a 37.9 clip—the lowest of his career when a regular—in 2015-16. On the bright side, he finished with a 60.3 mark last season.


DeAndre Jordan

Jordan's best season mark was a middling 52.5 clip, and he ended below 40 in three of those years. He never topped 50 percent in the first five years of the last decade, either.


Andre Drummond

In the first five seasons of his career, he mustered a 38.1 percentage—with a 38.2 clip. Drummond even set an NBA record with 23 misses in a January 2016 game.

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