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Logs of Questioning with u/cantstopthis

TheRaptor: Hey I know this is random but I was wondering why you followed this account and like+flamed one of their posts

Cantstopthis: Idk really, just felt like it

ArmChairGM: Did you click on the hyperlink in the post?

Cantstopthis: yeah, why?

ArmChairGM: That was likely a harmful link.

Cantstopthis: oh

ArmChairGM: What happened when you clicked "geometry dash"?

Cantstopthis: it brought me to a website to play it?

ArmChairGM: What was the link to the website (if you have access to it still)? What was the site like? Make sure you put one space in the link to make sure no one else accidentally clicks it and only if you have access still.

Cantstopthis: Well it showed me the game and it worked fine.

ArmChairGM: Ok, I might have more questions about this for later. Thx for answering the questions during the meantime.

Cantstopthis: Here is the link

ArmChairGM: I'm assuming "-" is the space, is that correct?

Cantstopthis: yeah

ArmChairGM: Thank you