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FANSPO Trade Deadline Mock

Welcome to the FANSPO trade deadline mock, this mock will be very short, around 1-2 weeks, very simple, and super realistic

IRL there’s no team making trades so far, so yall will step into teams as GM and make moves


Well obviously, i also want you to hv fun in this mock, just keep it realistic tho

By realistic, I have set 1 must-trade players for each team, so no teams will be able to end this mock without a trade, players are decided with the top trending players in each team’s space (s/team), there’s exceptions which is marked below

Buying teams, try to improve your team even more

Selling teams, get as much future assets as possible

That’s basically it I guess

Mock’s very simple, we will just have 1 trading period, which is the trade deadline (deadline of trade deadline I will release it later, but about 1.5 weeks time i guess, for every negotiation and signups)

After the deadline i will sim season and playoffs

Then the last thing will be simming the lottery and yall will draft players in 2023 NBA draft (only 1st round)

Mock will end here, as i just want to hv it be a very simple one for my 1st ever in 2k23, gonna need to get used to things too

And every GM can see how’s the team after the season, and all the trades yall made in trade deadline

Here are the players you must move:

Atlanta Hawks: Trade John Collins

Boston Celtics: Trade Danilo Gallinari

Brooklyn Nets: Trade Joe Harris

Charlotte Hornets: Trade Kello Oubre

Chicago Bulls: Trade Alex Caruso

Cleveland Cavaliers: Trade Caris Levert

Dallas Mavericks: Trade THJ

Denver Nuggets: Trade Ish Smith

Detroit Pistons: Trade Bojan Bogdanovic

Golden State Warriors: Trade JaMychal Green

Houston Rockets: Trade Eric Gordon

Indiana Pacers: Trade Buddy Hield

LA Clippers: Trade Robert Covington

LA Lakers: Trade Patrick Beverly

Memphis Grizzlies: Trade Danny Green

Miami Heat: Trade Dewayne Dedmon

Milwaukee Bucks: Trade Grayson Allen

Minnesota Timberwolves: Trade DeAngelo Russell

New Orleans Pelicans: Trade Devonte Graham

New York Knicks: Trade Cam Reddish

OKC Thunder: Trade Mike Muscala

Orlando Magic: Trade Mo Bamba

Philadelphia 76ers: Trade Matisse Thybulle

Phoenix Suns: Trade Jae Crowder

Portland Trail Blazers: Trade Josh Hart

Sacramento Kings: Trade Richaun Holmes

San Antonio Spurs: Trade Josh Richardson

Toronto Raptors: Trade Gary Trent JR

Utah Jazz: Trade Jarred Vanderbilt

Washington Wizards: Trade Will Barton

There’s 5 teams which have exception:

Warriors is JaMychal Green instead of Wiseman, tbh Wiseman isn’t rlly involved in trade talk, plus we not even using JaMychal Green now

Miami Heat trending player is Kyle Lowry, but since Dedmon threw a massage gun onto the court, can’t let him stay in this team, so instead he will be the trade candidate

OKC trending player is Lu Dort, which they rlly don’t need to trade him, especially with the team not sucking too much, so instead 2nd in trending player Mike Muscala will be the one

Spurs trending player is Poeltl, yes i also think he should be traded but seems like Spurs hv interest to let him stay, trade talk isn’t that much too, instead, J RIch will be the guy who needs to be traded, so it will be J Rich

Wizards trending player is Kuz, i think Wizards might want to try keep him, as he’s playing so well recently, Barton is the other guy who basically is considered bad for them, so he will be the one who must be traded

Ofc, these are just players who must be traded, there’s still players in some teams where they should also be traded too, i just wanna make it fair so that there will just be 1 name which is a must to be traded in each team, others are optional for yall, your choice on whether to move them

There will also be a GM point (GMP) system going on in this:

5 GMP automatically if you traded the player you must trade

1-15 GMP will be decided by me on how your trades are. Obviously if you did a better trade I will award a higher GMP. If you made explanations on your vision on doing the trade, it might help to get more GMP too

One more tip, imo the identification of buying or selling will be if ur above or below .500. Above, you have to go buying, below, if ur just like 1 game off, then you can still choose, but like 5 games away, i will say it’s time to think for selling

Teams which are stuck at the middle of buying or selling, it will be hard to award more GMP to you if this stays the same after deadline, so i'm not gonna name those teams, but probably these stuck at the middle teams need to be more active in trades

1-10 GMP on your draft performances, same rule applies, If you made explanations on your vision on drafting the player, it might help to get more GMP

If you don’t have a pick in the 2023 Draft, you will automatically be awarded 5 GMP for the points from drafting

1 GMP additional if you made it into the Round of 16 of Playoffs, 2 GMP additional if you made it into the Conference semifinals, 3 GMP additional if you made it into the Conference Finals, 4 GMP additional if you made it into the Finals

Cus buying teams are teams who probably don’t have a frp, so i’ll hv to find ways to give them the GMP, in order to keep it more fair

Oh one more special special feature, GMP winner of the mock won't be announced until real trade deadline of the mock

cus there will be a 6-10 point GMP bonus if the blueprint of your trades made here in the mock happened irl in the coming few weeks

if the irl trade happened before the mock's trade deadline, then it won't count, but if it happened after it, it counts

for example, you made the trade sending Collins and a frp to the Jazz for Beasley and Vando, if the exact trade happened irl, then both teams will be awarded 10 GMP

but if the trade ends up being Collins for Beasley and Gay, both teams will also receive 6-9 GMP extra, depending on how close and how accurate the trade is

so yea hopefully this encourages everyone to make the trades as realistic as possible

That’s all the things you hv to know, date of the mock will be 9th February, here’s the standings in 9th February:

I used ‘Start today’ mode to sim the month, not re-siming the whole season


Stepien rule is on

Injury is on to make it even more realistic

Recently traded rule is technically on, but it’s already the deadline, so basically it has no use, so don’t need to worry on that

Free Agents will be here once all trading ends, and teams who don’t have enough roster spot will be informed to sign FA, i’ll release the list by that time


Atlanta Hawks: AnAverageNBAFan

Boston Celtics: JColeTheGoat

Brooklyn Nets:

Charlotte Hornets: NotBryceYoung

Chicago Bulls: cfdog27

Cleveland Cavaliers: Olseneli000

Dallas Mavericks: GamerAttack27

Denver Nuggets: MaxeyForMVP

Detroit Pistons: antoniohbackup

Golden State Warriors: ashwinranji75, STEPH (assistant)

Houston Rockets: MeWasntHere

Indiana Pacers: TyreseAllstar

LA Clippers: clipfan3

LA Lakers: stuff

Memphis Grizzlies: LogoLillard

Miami Heat: jbb

Milwaukee Bucks: Alanb8

Minnesota Timberwolves: Bron

New Orleans Pelicans: JevvyChase

New York Knicks: KnicksTape

OKC Thunder: itscharapy

Orlando Magic: MohidHassan

Philadelphia 76ers: SixersGM

Phoenix Suns: SchlenkSystem

Portland Trail Blazers: byardszn

Sacramento Kings: KuzForMVP

San Antonio Spurs:

Toronto Raptors: Raptorsfan126, Noahsh72 (assistant)

Utah Jazz: TheRaptor

Washington Wizards: 28jhayle


Trade negotiation post:

Reporting trades post:

Enjoy the mock! Pls like and flame to promote the mock, we hope to start it asap