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CJ McCollum is the most overvalued player on this site in trades

CJ McCollum's traits:

  • Solid scorer, proven to be a closer late in games that can create his own shot. His efficiency is not great (55% TS during his prime), but his mid-range game holds up come playoff time. Can work on and off the ball, so he fits with many offensive weapons.

  • Playmaking is not the strongest aspect of his game relative to other small guards. He can run a offense sparingly, but should not be counted on as a main distributor.

  • Poor point of attack defender, gets blown by most small guards and bullied by other bigger guards, rarely has a good match-up on defense. He's a OK team defender and can trail shooters of screens pretty well off the ball, but his net overall on that end is still below average at his very best.

  • While CJ McCollum is a solid player, his skillset is a dime a dozen, not that hard to find.

  • 30 year old, 6'3, 190 Ibs, not a supreme athelte, 100M over the next three seasons, missed 25 out of 72 games last season. These kind of players normally don't age well when they're not a gifted floor general.

  • The last trade that involved a player with some similarities to him was Kemba Walker. They have their differences on both ends of the court, but they're still both smaller guards who are aging with large salaries. He was moved in a deal with a 1st (the 16th pick, Alperen Sengun) to get back Al Horford and Moses Brown. CJ McCollum does hold more value due to his better injury history (even with one more year on his deal), but how much more value can he be than Kemba in a trade? I don't see how he's that much more valuable in a trade than Kemba Walker.

  • Championship teams don't win with double small guard closing lineups when one of them is a poor defender. Try to look, it literallly has never happened.

  • If a team wants Damian Lillard, they won't want CJ McCollum since they're trying to force Dame out of Portland.

Would a team want CJ McCollum?

76'ers: Tyrese Maxey is far more valuable than CJ McCollum in a trade, he's performing as well as CJ this season so far, and his skillset overlaps with CJ's in many ways. The 76'ers have no interest in CJ McCollum's services.

Bucks: Salary constraints make a trade near impossible to pull off. If CJ were on a cheaper contract, they would be far and away the most ideal fit for him.

Bulls: Lonzo Ball, Zach LaVine, and DeMar DeRozan give no room for CJ McCollum to be on the roster.

Cavs: Darius Garland is already their small guard of the future. If the Cavs want to go double small guard and commit to it, they would just re-sign the currently injured Collin Sexton to a far cheaper salary than CJ McCollum's. Besides a Kevin Love trade to tempuarly replace Collin Sexton with CJ McCollum, I don't see how the Cavs would even want CJ in a trade.

Celtics: Kemba Walker was literally just traded with a 1st to get back Al Horford. Kyrie and Kemba both are score 1st guards who didn't mesh well with Tatum and Brown. Both players are better playmakers in the half-court than CJ. Why would the Celtics repeat the same mistake a 3rd time in a row on a player who's a even worse fit than the last two guys they brought in?

Clippers: Reggie Jackson is already on the team, much cheaper, better defender, and has a similar skillset as CJ McCollum as a scoring guard who isn't the best playmaker. There is no urgency to trade for CJ McCollum.

Grizzlies: Ja Morant isn't the best defender and is small. Desmond Bane is the future SG, is extremely promising, and provides legit size. Memphis ownership is careful about how they spend money. They would never want CJ McCollum in a trade because of that.

Hawks: Trae Young is a poor defender and is small. The Hawks are currently looking for a point of attack guard defender. They wouldn't think about trading for CJ McCollum.

Heat: With no tradable salary at the moment, they can't trade for CJ McCollum. His skillset isn't even desired with Tyler Herro and (when healthy) Victor Oladipo are on the team.

Hornets: Michael Jordan is the owner and he doesn't spend any luxury tax payments. Terry Rozier has just been given a massive extention. They also drafted James Bouknight. The Hornets wouldn't want CJ McCollum in a trade.

Jazz: Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, and Jordan Clarkson are already on the team, there is no room for CJ McCollum and the Jazz wouldn't want him.

Kings: De'Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton, and Davion Mitchell are already on the roster, the Kings have zero reason to trade for CJ.

Knicks: Derrick Rose, Kemba Walker, and Emmanuel Quickley are already on the team. The Knicks need a good point of attack defender from their small guards. The small guard also has to be able to run the offense. Their collective contracts make each small guard more valuable in a trade than CJ McCollum in a vacuum. No team wins with a double small guard backcourt that can't defend. The Knicks have the trade assets for Damian Lillard anyways, so wait him out if they really want a upgrade. The Knicks have zero reason to trade for CJ McCollum.

Lakers: They've commited to Russell Westbrook already, so they wouldn't be interested in a trade despite it being logical.

Magic: Cole Anthony, Jalen Suggs, and Markell Fultz are already on the team. The rebuild is in full force and salary cap flexability is coveted. The Magic have zero reason to trade for CJ.

Mavs: Jalen Brunson is already on the roster as a small guard who can run the offense, provide competent point attack defense, create his own, and is much cheaper while proving to be starter caliber. Tim Hardaway Jr provides size at SG that's acceptable defensively and still is a walking bucket. There isn't much of a urgency to trade for CJ McCollum as the Mavs.

Nets: With Kyrie being the only way to get CJ in a trade (besides Harden or Durant), the Nets have no reason to trade for CJ. If Kyrie plays, the Nets lose the deal instantly. If Kyrie doesn't play, the Blazers lose the deal instantly.

Nuggets: Questionable at best fit next to Jamal Murray defensively, Will Barton is a much better fit next to Murray. Would have to give up all their depth to get CJ McCollum in a trade. The Nuggets have no easily feasible way to trade for CJ McCollum and the interest wouldn't be there anyways.

Pacers: The ownership group doesn't want to pay that contract, this team already has a hard time with point of attack defense, and CJ's skillset is duplicated on the roster numerous times. The Pacers would have zero interest in CJ.

Pelicans: They let Lonzo Ball walk because he was too much money. (Hot take) He's a better player, much cheaper, far younger, and more versatile. They also already have DeVonte Graham and Kira Lewis Jr, two small guards who provide better point of attack defense than CJ McCollum. They're currently so awful that they could compete for the #1 pick and pair a great talent next to Zion and Ingram. The Pelicans are looking for a floor general next to Zion anyways. The Pels wouldn'd be interested in a CJ McCollum trade.

Pistons: Rebuilding team wanting to tank out another year for a top pick to pair next to Cade. The salary cap flexability and defensive versatility are highly valued by this organization. The Pistons have no logical reason to trade for CJ McCollum.

Raptors: CJ McCollum makes no sense on this roster short or long term. Fred VanVleet is their small guard of the future, Ujiri+Nurse value defensive versatility, tons of cap space is eaten up, and the team already has Gary Trent Jr.

Rockets: Rebuilding team with two prospects already playing the positions CJ plays. There is no reason for CJ to end up on this team.

Spurs: They're embracing the full rebuild and have a ton of quality small guards, no reason to trade for CJ McCollum.

Suns: Chris Paul and Devin Booker are already on the team, they would have zero interest in CJ McCollum.

T-Wolves: De'Angelo Russell is already on the team. He is younger, cheaper, and is friends with KAT. CJ's fit on the roster isn't there at all, the T-Wolves would have zero interest.

Thunder: Unless they got CJ in a salary dump where they got assets with CJ, no reason for OKC to make a move for him.

Warriors: Steph Curry is their small guard and would be an awful fit defensively next to CJ, GS has no reason to move for CJ.

Wizards: Spencer Dinwiddie is a much better fit next to Bradley Beal, is playing better than CJ this season, is younger, and cheaper. They got zero reason to trade for CJ McCollum.

I've made a legit case for why every other team wouldn't even want CJ McCollum. The teams that have even limited interest (Bucks, Mavs, Clippers), either don't have much to offer up in a trade and/or won't fight hard to get him. Because of this, CJ McCollum is bordering on negative trade value at this current point in time.

Since I've been told "you're just hating CJ" with a lot of my CJ trades, no, I don't hate CJ McCollum. He's a good man who is fun to watch play basketball, but I just don't think his trade value is anywhere close to what most people consider "reasonable" for CJ McCollum given his dried out market and lack of negotiational leverage Portland has in their current situation.