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GreenBayPackers Premier League Fantasy Auction!

Never done before Gentleman. And if your a big soccer fan, this is for you. This is incredibly original and cool. I dont want to interfere with any of the other mocks. This wont take to much time of your day, you just have to be active from 8:00-9:00 Eastern Time because that is the time the auction ends every night. Anyways if you guys have seen my mock from the past, you can see that I really like running auction leagues. And today I will establish to first Auction Soccer mock in Fanspo history! This is a special occasion everyone so come on and join!

If you want to join here are the rules.

I thought it would be cool if I sent out player waves of 3 teams every two day. One of the days will be an auction, the next, will be a rest to reorganize. The players will be sent the previous night(Break night), and end on the following day at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. like last time, since their are only 20 teams, 2 times we will send out 4 teams. This way, the auction would last 6 days and then from there we can get to simming.

I will also probably need a partner to keep track of the trades, if somebody is willing to do it. Along with that, I need someone who has Fifa to do the sim, if anyone will volunteer, it would be very helpful.

Trading lasts throughout the 10 days of the auction, after that, no more trading.

Everyone will have to create a full roster of 17. 11 Starters, 6 subs. 2 Goalkeepers are mandatory.

Each player will be given a budget of 150. The maximum is 50. The minimum is 1.

At the end I will put all free agents on a single post and you can claim them for 1 dollar.

If your roster is not complete, it will be autofilled. But please stay active.

Their will be a couple of twists so stay tooned.

Thank you everyone and join up!

Manchester City - GreenBayPackers

Tottenham - CantStopThis

Arsenal - Tyo

Brighton - amdaymond

Man United - GrouchySalmon

Fulham - SchlenkSystem

Chelsea - JHavoc08

Liverpool - StarWarsFan

Brentford - Issac8111

Newcastle - Jazzutah92

Leeds United -

Bournemouth -

Aston Villa - albakroos17

Crystal Palace -

Wolves - WaynoePotato

Everton - LogoLillard

West Ham -

Notthenham Forest -

Leicester City - TraeYoung11