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Follower and Friends,

It’s Been 4 months since joining this app. I originally used the mock trade simulator for my mock Instagram page. After 2 months, I realized that this website held more use. I quickly began to share my content and users welcomed me warmly. Feels good to have people like my content and to have really thorough conversations.

Everything changed for the better after Kyrie, Bron, Asap and Nola invited me in to their Mock V2. My first mock. And I loved it. I was hooked.

I began to expand what I saw on this site. I began to have fun with the possibilities. I created fake “news” to include and spice up the mock. I posted edited photos of my players. I gave back stories to my trades. And I averaged 40 trades a season, which was fun since everyone got a trade partner. It didn’t sink in how different my style was until KyrieAlt pointed it out. I found his shoutout by accident and it really made me appreciate my fellow users. I didn’t know I had that sort of influence over my peers.

So here I am in the top 100. Approval rating and positivity up, and 55 followers. Didn’t seem like I would become this invest months ago. But here I am, top 100! And I owe it to everyone that has voted on my posts, liked my stuff, flamed my content, started great conversations, participated in the mock, trades with me, gave me constructive criticism , reviewed my posts and profiles and honestly thank you to everyone that just visits my page and sees my profile as worth my of your time. For those of you that care , thank you!

Special thanks to a lot of you! I don’t want to name specifically and leave someone out as I most likely would do, sorry! BUT you know who you are. The ones that built me up. That have great conversations with me and always check out my posts.

To my followers and friends,

WE have arrived‼️‼️‼️