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The 2K14 mock

Curry4MVPS 2K14 mock

(fron ishowspeed world cup)

Let's go! Everybody rise up! Stand up! It's that time! Come on!

We got Evan Turner, we got Giannis, Bennett, Derrick Williams, Lance, Zaza, Favors, Gay, Luol Deng, Bynum, Hibbert, Rose, Kobe, Rondo, D Wade, Bosh, Haslem, Jameer Nelson, Deron WIlliams, Ty Lawson, Nate Robinson, Dirk, KG, Pierce, Duncan, Ginobill, Parker, J Smooth, Brandon Jennings, Gobert

Let's play the 2K14 mock!!!

(yea im still playing 2k14 since ummmm…, lol promoting my post again, but if u click in u will see why)

We will go 2 seasons, which is 13-14, and 14-15, and it will be a realistic mock, so pls avoid absolute fantasy trades lol

To keep it realistic, we will have 2 WAYS TO WIN this mock, 1st, ofc, will be winning the chip, but second, we will have GM points, i will set directions to every team, and GM points will be awarded by trades on if it fits your direction. I will be the one who’s judging. FA signings may also affect GM points, so also take notice on that

Oh and Awards, Standings, Playoff run, and All NBA/Rookie/Defensive teams will also be rewarded with GM points to the team

Rewards are as follows:

All NBA 1st team: +6

All NBA 2nd team: +4

All NBA 3rd team: +2

All Defensive 1st team: +4

All Defensive 2nd team: +2

All Rookie 1st team: +4

All Rookie 2nd team: +2

MVP: +8

ROTY: +6

6MOTY: +4

DPOY: +6

MIP: +4

COTY: +2

Rookie Showcase: +2

All Star: +3

1st seed in Division: +3

Participants of 1st round playoffs: +1

Participants of 2nd round playoffs: +2

Participants of Conference Final: +3

Participants of Final: +4

Championship: +5

If u sweep an opponent you will get 1 point bonus

Team directions:

There will just be Buying or Selling, won’t make it complicated

If you’re buying team, your maximum GM points awarded on transactions will be 10 points, since you will have a higher chance of winning awards or getting in All NBA teams, and have a better playoffs run

If you’re selling team, your maximum GM points awarded on transactions will be 20 points, cus your competitiveness are lower, and lower chance to get awards

But there’s 3 teams where you can choose your direction, it will be mentioned below, if these 3 teams, choose to go selling, and trade the 2 players mentioned below in the start of the 1st season, you will get a 6 point bonus (3 each) on top of your 20 points from trading

Forcing directions should spice up the mock, as we will see stars moving from team to team, pls understand that

Here will be your team direction:

Atlanta Hawks: Buying (chosen)

Boston Celtics: Selling

Brooklyn Nets: Buying

Charlotte Bobcats: Buying/Selling (trade Kemba and Al Jefferson and you will get the bonus)

Chicago Bulls: Buying

Cleveland Cavaliers: Buying

Dallas Mavericks: Buying

Denver Nuggets: Buying

Detroit Pistons: Buying

Golden State Warriors: Buying

Houston Rockets: Buying

Indiana Pacers: Buying

LA Clippers: Buying

LA Lakers: Buying

Memphis Grizzlies: Buying

Miami Heat: Buying

Milwaukee Bucks: Selling

Minnesota Timberwolves: Buying

New Orleans Pelicans: Buying

New York Knicks: Buying

OKC Thunder: Buying

Orlando Magic: Selling

Philadelphia 76ers: Selling

Phoenix Suns: Selling

Portland Trail Blazers: Buying

Sacramento Kings: Buying/Selling (trade Cousins and Thornton and you will get the bonus)

San Antonio Spurs: Buying

Toronto Raptors: Buying

Utah Jazz: Selling

Washington Wizards: Buying

Mock timeline:

  1. Preseason trades

  2. 1st half of the season

  3. All star break + Trade deadline

  4. 2nd half of the season + Awards + Playoffs

  5. Award of GM points

  6. Draft lottery + offseason trades

  7. Draft

  8. FA (no trading is allowed in this period: 2k14 built like this, not my fault)

  9. 2nd season preseason trades

  10. 1st half of the 2nd season

  11. All star break + Trade deadline

  12. 2nd half of the 2nd season + Awards + Playoffs

  13. Award of total GM points

  14. Wrapping it up


Each team will just have 2 frps, 2014 frp and 2015 frp, and 2 srps, also 2014 and 2015

You can just have 4 assets to trade, for example Chris Paul for Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley and 2 frps (4), you can’t go Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and 2 frps (5)

That’s cus 2k14 just allows 4, not me who set it at 4

Also the maximum of teams in a trade is 3, maximum 3 team trade, if you want 4 team or above, pls tell me with 2 separate trades

Recently traded or Recently signed isn’t a thing in 2k14, this rule won’t be on in this mock as well

Ofc salary matching will be a thing, pls keep the difference within 500k if trading is between 2 teams who have negative cap space


We will just go 1st round, as 2nd round players sucks

The prospect will be the 14 Draft prospect, as i’ve made my own draft classes before

Players will be on 71-79 overall to start

Potential will be having their realistic potential, for example, Jokic will have a 96 potential

But, i didn’t fix tendencies, so some prospect’s stats will be way different than what they have irl

I did give them their closest playstyle, which can be choosed from:

PG: all rounded, passing, scoring, defending, 3 point, athletic

SG: all rounded, scoring, defending, 3 point, athletic, attack the paint

SF: all rounded, scoring, defending, 3 point, athletic, attack the paint, point forward

PF: all rounded, defending, athletic, post-up, aggressive, rebounding

C: all rounded, defending, athletic, post-up, aggressive, rebounding

There’s also some teams who don’t have their frp, as follows:

PHX have IND lottery protected frp (Luis Scola trade)

UTA have GSW frp (Iggy S&T)

BOS have BKN frp (KG, Pierce trade)

DEN have NYK frp (Carmelo trade)

PHI have NOP top 5 protected frp (Nerlens Noel trade)

Free Agents:

There won’t be any resign process in this mock, which means everyone who’s on 1 year deal will slide into FA, so if you don’t want to lose the player, might as well trade it (pls keep it realistic)

Ofc UFA and RFA will be on

Ofc you can pickup team options also, you can choose to pick up qualifying offers too

Bird rights will be on, i will tell you who have bird rights once we hit FA

The contract scale in 2014 is ofc different, so i will try my best to tell you how much the player wants in FA

FA signings during the season won’t be available, as this will be way too complicated for me to present it to you

There’s one exception for FA, which is Kobe Bryant. If he didn’t retire in 2014, he will be a FA. The Lakers here will be forced to resign him, as i think no one wants to see him in other team’s jersey

But if Lebron didn’t take his player option, he will slide into FA, Kobe will be the only player who have this exception


Every team’s GM can request changing players’ playing time (maximum 3 players), but u will just have 1 chance doing this every season. For example if im the Bucks, and Giannis is a 60 overall he basically will just get 4 mins, you can request increasing his mins to maybe 27 and take away Ersan Iiyasova’s playing to like a 15

Team morale won’t be on so u can do whatever you want

Also there will be a Q&A post, where you can ask me questions about this mock, cus i won’t be on 2k14 24/7, most likely 1-2 hrs a day, so pls just put your questions there, i’ll reply when im on 2k14


If you wanna check out who’s on which team, pls go to this website and check it out:

Atlanta Hawks: SchlenkSystem

Boston Celtics: asapcohen

Brooklyn Nets: braythitconcept

Charlotte BOBCATS:

Chicago Bulls: cfdog27 (

Cleveland Cavaliers: Yxzin_4

Dallas Mavericks: Cantstopthis

Denver Nuggets:

Detroit Pistons: steel_houston2

Golden State Warriors: Chrisgon0203

Houston Rockets: Bron

Indiana Pacers: Switch

LA Clippers: MeWasntHere (

LA Lakers: antoniohillback (

Memphis Grizzlies: JaForMVP (

Miami Heat: waynoetopotato (

Milwaukee Bucks:

Minnesota Timberwolves:

New Orleans Pelicans: Curry4MVPS (alrdy done trades for them, unless you rlly wanna takeover them)

New York Knicks: KnicksTape (

OKC Thunder: JColeTheGoat (

Orlando Magic: Mohidhassan (

Philadelphia 76ers: mnort_windycity

Phoenix Suns: Curry4MVPS (alrdy done trades for them, unless you rlly wanna takeover them)

Portland Trail Blazers: logolillard

Sacramento Kings: butler4mvp

San Antonio Spurs: SixersGM

Toronto Raptors: nascar0527

Utah Jazz:

Washington Wizards:

For roster-making, it's a must, pls refer to this post:

trade negotiation:


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