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Welcome to the Rise Mock, where its all about the power rankings.

This is my first mock so bare with me.

How its going to work is every week in real life, a month will be simulated in 2k. The power rankings will decide what will happen next. All 30 teams will be separated into 3 categories based on their power ranking.

1-10 are Elite

11-20 are Mid

21-30 are Tanking

Depending on your ranking, that will determine what you can do to your team. If you are in Tanking you have no restrictions on what you can do. If you are in mid or elite you can only make 1 trade that month.

Every week, all teams will get a wheel of challenges to complete before the next one. If you don't complete the challenge, you will cut a random player.

If a player is cut, other gm’s won’t know until the monthly buyout market. You will get one stat and their overall. The first person to get the player, gets to keep them. If know one knows who it is, they will go back to their original team.

Some base rules

  1. This is a fantasy draft

  2. No salary cap or stepien rule

  3. No cheating on players overalls

  4. The stats are based on their in game stats

  5. This will start when all teams are filled


Atlanta Hawks - tajpatterson8

Boston Celtics - JadenIvey4MVP

Brooklyn Nets - DonavanwojESPN

Charlotte Hornets -

Chicago Bulls -

Cleavland Cavaliers - jothemockgod

Dallas Mavericks -

Denver Nuggets -

Detroit Pistons - oldlakersfan

Golden State Warriors - mrwarriorsfan

Houston Rockets -

Indiana Pacers -

Los Angeles Lakers -

Los Angeles Clippers -

Memphis Grizzlies - jaceehornishim

Miami Heat - bobbygill04

Milwaukee Bucks - DimeForLife

Minnesota Timberwolves - SEAUSRISE (Me)

New Orleans Pelicans -

New York Knicks - KelceBestTE

Oklahoma City Thunder -

Orlando Magic - _papag

Philadelphia 76ers - LetsGoBrandon

Phoenix Suns - RenKinman

Portland Trail Blazers - LogoLillard

Sacramento Kings - Austinanm99

San Antonio Spurs - TheSwagDuck

Utah Jazz -

Toronto Raptors - Sadtimberwolves

Washington Wizards -

Team Rosters


Trade Negotiations


Buyout Market


Offical Trades


Fantasy Draft



This took me a while so thanks