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I’ve always wanted to start a mock but I’ve never really come up with a good idea so this is the NFL/NBA Mock

You may be wondering how this works. I mean, how are you supposed to combine 2 completely different sports? This game will be in BBGM bc it seems to be pretty popular on here and I don’t have 2K so it will be helpful

I took some rules from football and put it into BBGM for the basketball game

Rule changes:

  1. 17 games per year

  2. There will be 1 game playoffs series instead of 7

  3. Reseed rounds

  4. No lottery

  5. Hard cap

  6. 1 guaranteed playoff team per division

  7. No foul outs

  8. Tie allowed

  9. 11 players on court at all times per team

Comment below what team you want!

JAFORMVP: Grizzlies

Cfdog27: Celtics

MeWasntHere: Nets

TheRaptor: Raptors

KuzForMVP: Wizards

JColetheGOAT: Nuggets

Letsgobrandon: 76ers

olseneli000: Pelicans

MohidHassan: Magic


SchlenkSystem: Cavaliers

Paolo4MVP: Clippers

Steel_Houston2: Rockets

BBallEnthusiast: Thunder

antoniohillbackup: Lakers

matthiasist: Trail Blazers

NattyB06: Hawks

KelcebestTE: Knicks

Ybbesybbew: Warriors

Byardszn: Suns

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