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USA vs Wales Reaction

Ok First off, Horrible reffing. Fire Abdulrahman Al Jassim. He was favoring Wales the entire game. He would stop the game when a Welsh player was down but not when Pulisic was. Wales and US would do the exact same thing and it would be yellow card for the US, nothing for Wales. Absolutely horrific reffing, I don't want to see this man ref again

Ok sorry about that rant, let's get to the real takeaways

Wales was practically giving the US a win in the first half, but the US just wouldn't take it. Wales dominated the second half and the US was sluggish. They went up and just gave up. Dirty ball by both sides. The second spot in Group B will come down to Wales and the US and the US could end up regretting not trying harder in the second half. Adams played great though, offensively and defensively. However, I saw a stat that said that the US has never failed to advance in the World Cup when winning/drawing their first game. Hopefully, the streak continues. GO TEAM USA.