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Which team do you think is most likely to sign Cameron Payne?

With the recent news that Cameron Payne the former point guard for the San Antonio Spurs has been waived which team do you think will try to sign him.

Just to remember Cameron Payne is 29 years old and comes from a very good season as the second PG of the Phoenix Suns.

Also remember that the guard has already expressed on social media that he was very comfortable in Phoenix and that he feels more motivated to be part of a contending team, and that logically the Suns are not eligible to offer him a contract.

He averaged 10.3 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 4.5 assists in 48 games.

In my opinion some of the teams that would benefit from acquiring this guard are:

  1. Boston Celtics

With the loss of Marcus Smart the Celtics could be interested in adding another guard to their roster to add depth because White he has never been a great playmaker, Brogdon has a longstanding beef with the injury bug and in my opinion Prayon Pritchard is not yet ready to be an important part of a contending team's rotation.

  1. The Milwaukee Bucks

It is clear why the Bucks would be interested in offering a contract to Cameron Payne, it is true that they have been first in the Eastern Conference but it is also clear that the team has a big lack of depth especially at the point guard position.

  1. The Miami Heat

It is evident that the Miami Heat would be interested in bringing in Cameron Payne. They are a team with a lack of depth especially at the point guard position where they only have Kyle Lowry who has left much to be desired since he came to the Miami Heat and will likely be cut or included in the trade for Damian Lillard which would make them even more of a championship contender.

  1. The Toronto Raptors

Let's be honest the Raptors are not looking to be a contending team this year but in the event that none of the teams mentioned above are interested in Cameron Payne I think the Raptors could be a good option as they are a team that needs a second point guard to go with Dennis Schroder. And who knows maybe this season Scottie Barnes will show his full potential and put them in a more favorable spot to contend for the NBA title.

This article has been totally written by me and if you have arrived here and you liked it a like and a flame are appreciated and if you didn't like it or your opinion is different about any of the things I have said please let me know in the comments section.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.