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On NBA 2K22, I simmed from the year 1996 to 2022.

So I simmed from 1996 to 2022 on NBA 2K22. I can't put it all in one or two posts, so I'll answer your questions in the comments! Ask all of your questions and should I continue to 2040? LMK, I'm excited to hear your questions!

Questions answered:

How did Lebron do?

Answer: LeBron was a bust. He was the 3rd pick in 2003 to Orlando behind Bosh and Wade and he averaged 8 points in his rookie year. He was an alright bench player for his career for Portland and New York and retired in 2014.

Most championships for both players and teams?

Player: The most championships as players went to Eric Gordon (he had 7) of all people who had a Ray Allen-esque career but signed frequent 1 year deals before bench-riding the final few years of his career.

Team: For teams, Toronto had 8 of the 26 with a 3-peat and then 5 split up over time.

Most MVPS?

Answer: The most MVPs went to of all people Andrea Bargnani lol. Bargnani finished with 4 and became an all-time legend.

Main HOFs?

Answer: Duncan, T-Mac, Bargnani, Gordon, Jannero Pargo, Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, Emeka Okafor, Marcus Smart (most likely), Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Kevin Durant, Steve Nash and Yaroslav Korolev. All were HOFs and were rated 96+ at one point or another.

Ratings of top players?


Duncan, Kenyon, Okafor, Bargnani and KD - 99

T-Mac, Pargo and Q-Rich - 98

Melo, Gordon, Miles and Nash - 97

Korolev and Smart - 96

Dynasties? (from LebronJames)

Answer: The dynasties included the Raps Duncan, T-Mac and Nash in the late 90s and early 2000s, Q-Rich, Darius Miles and Yaroslav Korolev for the mid-2000s vs Ron Artest, KD and Nick Young. In the early 2010s, the Supersonics (as an expansion team) won 3 rings with Andrea Bargnani and Brandon Roy. The mid-to-late 2010s was dominated by a dynamic duo of Charles Barkley Jr. and Greg Monroe for the Bucks and the Spurs and Heat started the 2020s with 3 rings combined led by Rashard Lewis as a coach and Marcus Smart and Erick Monroe (brother of Greg) for San Antonio and the Heat had JaMychal Green and Chris Kaman.

Joel Embiid's career? (from Dumbsixersfan)

Answer: Embiid is a solid defensive C for the Tampa Bay Sharks. He's an 82 OVR and his career averages are 11 pts, 13 reb, 2 ast and 3 blks with 1.5 stls.

Is Westbrook Goat? (from WestbrookTheGoat)

Answer: Not GOAT, but he had a solid career. His peak was a 91 overall, he was a multiple time All-Star and All-NBA member and his career stats were 20 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals.

How did Atlanta do?

Answer: The Hawks won a ring in 2013 led by Richard Hamilton, John Jenkins and Carlos Boozer. They did alright with some playoff appearances in the late 2000s and late 90s but other than that they were rebuilding most of the time.

Steph's outcome?

Answer: A steal in the draft. Steph went 44 in the draft to Minnesota and played some valuable minutes as a backup in Minny. His averages were 8 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal before retiring in 2018 due to elbow injuries which plagued him from being a good shooter (he was not, he shot 32% from 3)