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Who’s The Worst Free Throw Shooter?

Gone are the days of Hack-a-Shaq in the NBA, thankfully. Rule changes have minimized the use of that strategy. Still, several of the league's worst free-throw shooters in the last decade made a ton of trips to the line before 2016 because of their struggles and that loophole.

Ben Simmons

At the free-throw line, Simmons made only 59.1 percent of his 1,411 attempts through 2022-23. In that season specifically—albeit in a small sample—he connected on just 43.9 percent. While his overall skill set atones for this particular issue, Simmons has never shot better than 62.1 percent in any season.


Mason Plumlee

Plumlee's free-throw percentages have varied wildly. He shot 62.6 percent as a rookie, then dropped to a 49.5 clip in his second year. Plumlee finished with a career-best 66.9 clip in 2020-21 and proceeded to collapse down to 39.2 in the following season.


Bismack Biyombo

Nearly 90 percent of his career attempts are within 10 feet. That certainly explains his 56.7 free-throw rate in the last decade. Biyombo isn't often at the stripe anyway, but his teams will gladly focus on his rebounding and defense.


Dwight Howard

When rules allowed the Hack-a-Howard approach, he twice attempted 39 free throws in a game. That broke the previous mark of 36 that Will Chamberlain set—and also matched on his 100-point night—in 1962. Obviously, there was a reason for it. Amid a career with a 56.7 free-throw clip, Howard shot 54.5 percent since 2016.

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