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How to save the NBA offseason

My background: Alright, since the NBA season ends in early June and starts late October, it leaves a ton of free time. Factoring in FA and the draft, it leaves us roughly with 2 months of 0 basketball. And is the worst time as a basketball fan but here is where I save it: A PPV (pay per view) basketball event.

The setup: In 1995, the NBA was at an all time low following MJs retirement. But the Finals, despite low ratings, was fun. Shaq and the young Magic vs Hakeem and the Rockets looking to repeat. The Rockets got the W, but whilst Hakeem and Shaq both played extremely well, the Magic team really sold. Guys like Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott choked as Hakeem repeated. Shaq was not happy and wanted his revenge and in partnership with Taco Bell, he scheduled a 1-V-1 PPV event against Hakeem on Sept 30th. This was awesome, two of the best players, the old and young fighting for rightful king. The hype was immense and brought ratings up even with Shaq sending a letter and beef growing. It was filled with ads hyping it up. This was gonna be awesome, not to mention it was like a boxing card. It had the main matchup but also some other ones like Nick Van Exel or Joe Smith (the first overall pick in 95) vs Kevin Garnett. Butttt, the day before it, Hakeem wasn’t able to compete due to an injury which cancelled it.

But what if we did this now??? AND MY IDEA IS A PPV BASKETBALL GAME SCHEDULE. Here’s what we do. Similar to boxing, we have our main matchup. To start? I definitely think something like Jokic v Embiid, Lebron v KD, Steph v Lebron or Tatum v Giannis is good. Then after that, we need smaller matchups. The thing with basketball is we could have 2-on-2s or 3-v-3s and so on and so forth. We have a good set of guys with All-Stars, rookies, rivalries and so much more. It will be interesting what guys would want it. The sponsor? WHOPPP… sike, McDonalds or KIA or anything is cool. We set it up in a city like Vegas or NYC and it happens in August. This replaces last years trend of league games like Crawsover. It would be epic, imagine an insane 1-v-1 game like this. Anddd the prize?? A 3 MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE. Winner can donate to chairyy, add it to the reams salary or whateva. It builds a ton of hype for the szn and becomes an insane event which basketball brings in millions of viewers. So should the NBA do this?? I think so,