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NBA Imperialism Part 3

  1. Heat conquer Alabama

Heat get bigger

  1. Pistons alliance with Nets

Pistons already had an alliance with Rockets so now a 3 teamer

  1. Pacers conquer Pistons

Well that alliance didn’t last long

New Pacers starting 5:


  1. Mavericks alliance with Warriors

They are doing everything for Luka, they already allied with the Heat and Raptors, they going all in, 4 team alliance

  1. Celtics and 76ers alliance

Interesting alliance

  1. Celtics conquer Nets

Wow the Celtics are small in land mass but have a stacked team

New Celtics Starting 5:


  1. Bulls Alliance With Mavericks

OMG the mavs are going all in, 5 team alliance with the Mavs, Bulls, Heat, Raptors, and Warriors, they haven’t even expanded but one of the strongest teams

  1. Warriors and Bulls alliance

They were already Allie’s thanks to the mavs

  1. Heat alliance with heat

Umm ok

  1. Mavericks conquer Spurs

Spurs had no chance, mavericks have 2/3 of Texas

New Mavericks Starting 5:


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