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Hunger Games: Fanspo Edition (Day 3 + 4)

I can never find time to post it in the afternoon so gonna combine 3 and 4 into 1 post

As always, make sure to check out your health status!

Day 3

Yxzin_4 discovers a fruit tree lying on the ground.
 He’s not gonna starve to death. Curry4MVPS finds a convenient couch and decides to use it as shelter.
 At least someone’s getting good sleep. NormalKingsFan discovers a 50% off coupon to an SAT prep class lying on the ground.
Dude’s about to get a 1600z Dreamer stumbles upon a fidget spinner.
 I guess he’ll have something to do. MeWasntHere discovers a used Band-Aid lying on the ground.
 Who dropped their band-aid? SchlenkSystem fatally shoots Dreamville.
 Showman gets strep throat.
 AsapCohen breaks SchlenkSystem's nose with a frisbee.
 He was out for revenge, I guess he was friends with Dreamvillez A wild Lapras has appeared. StephForMVP has caught it!
KnicksTape gets a bladder infection.
 That’s how I died. JColetheGOAT fatally breaks SchlenkSystem's nose with a frisbee.
 Schlenk broke his nose twice, dang. SuperKyrieFan30 receives a 50% off coupon to an SAT prep class from a sponsor.
 Another 1600. KingK gets hit by a hurricane. This is literally me every 2 weeks. 
Buki levels up. Schlenk dies from the broken nose!





Day 4

SuperKyrieFan30 attends his SAT class for half the price. 
NormalKingsFan receives a bucket of KFC from a sponsor.
 It was finger-lickin good. MeWasntHere gains one health point after using a used Band-Aid.
 How does that work? AG_Atto0 stumbles upon a fidget spinner. 
StephForMVP gets osteoporosis (bone disease). AsapCohen teams up with AG_Atto0.
 Curry4MVPS stumbles upon a landmine.
 That’ll help. KnicksTape receives a freeze ray from a sponsor.
 LUCKY. JColetheGOAT discovers a VIP ticket to Tana Mojo (?) concert lying on the ground.
 Buki stumbles upon a bow.
 Dude’s gonna be Katniss Everdeen. Dreamer constructs a geometrically stable truss. Well I guess he had free time. 
Showman calls in the US Navy SEALS, who kill MeWasntHere and SuperKyrieFan30
. THAT’S LEGAL?!? Yxzin_4 gets a bladder infection and dies.