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Just been thinking a bit about this

Who do you guys think is on the basketball Mount Rushmore? You really could go almost anywhere but you can’t disclude Steph and MJ. Steph revolutionized the game by exploding onto the scene with his electric three ball. And MJ… do I need to explain? The basketball Mount Rushmore in my opinion is the pioneers of the game. Who changed it the most and had the most impact on the game of basketball. Also, it isn’t just the top 4 players of all time keep that in mind. So, this is what I came up with. Lmk who I forgot or who should be switched around. Steph for three point, Bron for Scoring and longevity, MJ for Average scoring, consistency and being the GOAT, And probably Bill Russell, Wilt, Timmy D, or Kareem you could pick any. I wouldn’t be mad if you picked Kobe and you could probably get away with picking like Shaq, Hakeem, Larry Bird or someone like that